January Favorites – Pavithra’s Edition


January has been a strange month. I spent half the month in India in no-sweater cool weather, wearing red and fuchsia every single day. I was back home for the second half – cold, wet weather, grey skies, grey scarves and black boots. Can you feel my disappointment? Having said that, I’ve had fun slapping on some old but previously un-loved makeup bits. The holiday season, however, also encouraged shopping hoarding, and I have some recent purchases turn into quick favorites as well!

Bobbi Brown serum foundation

I picked up the Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum about three months ago. I’m constantly on the hunt for a base that brightens and evens out skintone, and doesn’t look like too much on the skin – this foundation has almost reached HG status for me. The consistency is thin, but packs a lot of pigment and blends like a dream. I’ve tried using it with fingers, the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, and a beauty blender, all yielded great results. When in a rush I just use a couple of drops and spread with my fingers. When I’m not in a hurry though I take my time and mix it with one pump of the Burberry Nude Radiance Luminous Fluid Base, spritz my RT brush with some Fix Plus and blend – glow central people! What stops this product from being my soulmate is the packaging. As evident in the picture, the dropper, the product all around the mouth of the bottle, the inability to view the amount of product remaining – why Bobbi, why?

Mac Teddy Hourglass Arch brow pencil

I don’t know why I waited so long to buy the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil. The triangular shaped tip seems to work perfectly for my thinning brows (yes, I’m devastated, but life happens.) And the shade (I wear Dark Brunette) is perfect as well – not too dark or intense, and very build-able. While my brows don’t look instagram-worthy or Deepika Padukone-esque, I now am a firm believer in the ‘brows frame your face’ adage!

The liners in constant rotation have been MAC’s Teddy and Lakme’s Eyeconic Kajal. Teddy has been in my possession for a while now, but I could never get it to show up well on my dark eyelids. I’ve found that the trick, for me, is to first very thinly line my eyes with a black liquid liner (I use the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner), and then line them again (above the black) with Teddy. This seems to highlight Teddy’s gorgeous bronzy shimmery goodness. This, and curled no-mascara lashes have been my go-to this month!

I always seem to stumble upon fabulous black pencil liners when I visit India. My sister-in-law introduced me to the  Lakme Eyeconic Kajal and I’m thrilled to report that this one is super black, lasts a long time, and doesn’t bother my contact lenses – what else does a girl need?

Wayne Goss brush No. 2

The Wayne Goss brushes have been my undoing last year. I entered dangerous territory thanks to Beautylish, and have acquired too many of his luxurious ridiculously expensive feel-like-clouds-on-your-face brushes. Brush No 2 is a brilliant all rounder – it works for all sorts of powders – foundation, setting, finishing, blushes ..you get the gist! The tapered shape lends itself to precise application of powders and it is dense enough to pick up sufficient amount of product. I use this one everyday for blush and setting powder. Have I sold it to you yet? If not, may I point you in the direction of the You Tube videos that has Wayne Goss explaining the how-to’s of each brush. You’re welcome!

Hourglass blush Nars Vivien MAC Patentpolish lip pencil

Hourglass’s blushes are special. They blend beautifully on the skin without appearing too powdery or sparkly. The one I reached for the most this month was Radiant Magenta,  a vibrant magenta shade infused with Hourglass’s Radiant Light ambient powder. What I love most about this one is the gorgeous golden sheen that the blush delivers – no highlighter required!

While I love my brights, finding MLBB’s and colors that work in an office environment has always been a challenge. Most of the traditional ‘nude’ lips often end up washing me out – but I think I’ve finally managed to find myself a good set of barely there and work appropriate bright colors. MAC’s Velvetease Lip Pencil in Aim To Please is a recent buy, but it has been my most used lipstick in the last month and a half – that’s saying a lot for someone who has more lipsticks than ..well ..lets just save that discussion for later,shall we! This pencil has a super lightweight but long lasting soft matte finish. The color is a medium-dark mauve that works well with any blush/eye.

On days that I didn’t feel like an MLBB, I reached for NARS Vivien – a plum-berry shade from the NARS Audacious line. I could write an entire post about the Audacious lipsticks – I took the plunge late last year and it has been pure love! The colors are vibrant, varied, long lasting and have just the right amount of shine. And they never fade unevenly! Vivien is pigmented and bright but not overly so, and I’ve found that I can easily make this one work for formal occasions as long as I tone down the rest of my face. My next goal – find a super wearable red and rock it during the day!


Here are swatches of the Lakme Kajal, Teddy, Aim To Please and Vivien.

I’m hopeless at describing perfumes or scents, I’m going to give this an honest shot though. I picked up Jo Malone’s Mimosa and Cardamom after sniffing it on an advert in some glossy fashion magazine. Note to self – never make fragrance purchase decisions based on magazine-sniffing-sessions alone. I found the scent to rapidly resemble something I’d cook in my kitchen – which would’ve been perfect if I wanted to smell like Garam Masala, not so great if I was going for a floral but mildly spicy fall/winter scent. Jo Malone encourages layering their scents – but ofcourse, at 65$ for 30ml, why wouldn’t they? Marketing. Smh.

Jo Malone fragrances

Anyway, I digress. I tried a travel size version of Pomegranate Noir over Mimosa & Cardamom, and it felt just right! Do Pomegranates have a scent? I’ve never tried sniffing one, never liked how it tasted either. The cologne smells spicy and woody – almost masculine (to my nosebuds). I love wearing Pomegranate Noir by itself as well, especially in the evenings, there’s something very comforting about the scent – perfect for chilly evenings.


Ah, we’ve finally come to the best part of my favorites this month! Full Disclosure : I’ve always been a Chelsea Handler fan – I loved her books, watched her show and laughed/cringed at her jokes. To me, she’s always come across as a confident, independent woman who is also generous and funny #canyoutellimafan. People have often critiqued her style of comedy as crass and inappropriate even. Well, I implore the said people to give her new four part Netflix docu-series – Chelsea Does a shot. I thought it would be more like a typical reality show starring her friends, boy was I wrong! This was clever, heart warming, funny, intelligent and slick! She covers four topics – Marriage, Silicon Valley, Racism and Drugs. Each documentary followed her around as she spoke to people connected to the theme, held discussions with her friends, strangers, everyday people – gathered knowledge and perspectives along the way, never preaching or judging – just the way a documentary should be. My only grouse – I wish she’d do one every week!

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