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The picture above might make sense when I tell you that I bought more blushes last year than toothpaste. True story. I have a problem. For someone with as much surface area on the face as the next person, I have blushes in plenty which will probably last me a few lifetimes. In fact, before I had given away more than ten blushes last month I could not even fit all of them together! Talk about first world problems.

Now is as good a time as any to talk you through what I have, what I love and what I’d recommend. While I am at it, I thought I’ll answer some burning questions that blush addicts like me are often asked. Luckily, someone made a tag about all this madness and the lovely lady at GummyVision tagged me! Hope its fun to read.

I don’t know what kindled this love-affair but at the beginning of time I only had one MAC blush. Those were the days! Unfortunately, I wasn’t that impressed with how it looked on me, shimmery and very brown (MAC Peachtwist if you must know!). Besides, I had never really bothered with good brushes so there was no way I could have made it work. That blush disaster almost put me off buying more blushes for a year.

Tarte's Exposed Blush

Things took a turn when Tarte decided to reinvent “blushing” and came out with Exposed to answer all of my blush prayers! It was an instant hit and I realised that this was THE color for me. I have since been on a mission to own every neutral blush out there. No reason. I am happy to announce that I recently stumbled upon something comparable to the goodness of Exposed. Case in point, Hourglass’ Mood Exposure Ambient Lighting Blush. Its Exposed but better with 10x better texture and 5x more glow!

Also, I recently downsized my stash and got rid of colors and formulations which were no longer ‘sparking joy’, to quote the now very famous Marie Kondo. The first ones to get axed were Benefit’s blushes which were just – lets agree – very shimmery and OTT for me to ever wear. I also got rid of some of my now-old-and-stiff MAC blushes, namely Coppertone and Peaches which just died on me from the get go. If only MAC had a return policy because the moment I opened the new compact I knew I had been handed a dud. I tried resurrecting them via the “tape technique” but failed anyway.

A few Tarte colors also went to new homes, Dollface – too light on me no matter how I wore it and Dazzled – It never got cold enough here for a purple blush. A few peachy pinks which I know would suit my younger cousins and some of my new and unused blushes to friends who’d have more love for them.

Blush addict tag blush collection chanel blushes

There is something about Chanel blushes, or the packing which makes me buy them but if I tell you honestly then they are not my favorite. While some colors are beautiful and blend well on the skin, its one formula that can be a hit or a miss. Except their cream blushes which were really very good I am yet to find a Chanel blush which won me over!

As of today, I store all my blushes in my clear muji 2-drawer box. Probably the only makeup product to get such luxury but it also helps me to have them all in one place. Easier for rotation and use.. you see? I am also restricting myself to this space, as in, all the blushes I own should fit here with only two outside on my dresser for daily wear. One-In-One-Out in practice.

And, here’s the tag!

1. What blush color suits you the most?
Contrary to popular belief and stereotypes for olive skintones, I think Earthy toned bronzer-esque shades look very flattering on me! (If your guy tells you that you look beautiful then chances are that you do!) One of the reasons why I have so many such shades which are borderline blah in the pan but woah on the face! I like peachy-pinks too, but they never end up on top of my pile.

2. Pressed, cream or loose blush?
Definitely pressed. The sheer amount of powder blushes in my stash should tell you that. I have only ever loved two cream blush formulas, Chanel and RMS Beauty and they are both amazing quality and very long-wearing! Actually, RMS’s Promise lip2cheek is fast becoming my go-to work blush and lip color. One of those lip & cheek products that actually work on both lips and cheeks without drying up or looking crappy. If you haven’t tried anything RMS then start here!

3. Favorite shimmery blush?
Can I pick ten? No? Well, anything Hourglass then! Radiant Magenta, Diffused Heat and Mood Exposure do very sophisticated shimmer which is almost impossible to tell from a feet. They are the best examples of products worth the hype and I would highly recommend getting one and seeing for yourself!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes Mood Exposure Radiant Magenta Diffused Heat
4. Favorite matte
I would pick Tarte’sExposed of course, but that I’d do for for half of the questions here so let me talk about something different. Burberry’s Earthy Light Glow blush really surprised me! First, it is impossible to get hold of for most of the world’s population, and even if you somehow do, second, it may or may not show up on your complexion. If you get lucky you are going to fall hopelessly in love with it just as I have! This is pretty much nothing in the compact, like a hint of pink mixed with neutral wheat-ish brown but as it goes on the cheeks it transforms. I have used this with a fluffy brush under and around my cheekbones and it enhances it beautifully, contours is subtly and adds a just a hint of pink to keep it looking healthy. Not something to buy blindly, I would suggest checking it out if you can or atleast look up swatches before you bite the bullet!

5. Favorite cream blush?
Chanel’s Destiny
. As if by coincidence, every cream blush that I LOVE ends up being discontinued. YSL’s cream blush disappeared first and now Chanel decided to follow suit. Whoever takes these rubbish decisions? For everybody else, the RMS Beauty lip2cheek blushes are almost as good if not better!

Chanel le blush creme in destiny
6. Favorite drugstore blush?
This hasn’t happened yet. I tried Bourjois’ blushes and I probably got two faulty pieces because they were super stiff! Besides, everything drugstore smells either too much or too bad. #snob

7. Favorite high end blush?
makes cheek products well worth their price. In my humble opinion.

8. Favorite bright blush?
Hourglass’ Radiant Magenta
for a healthy wash of warm pink and Chanel’s Presage Creme Blush for a big shot of coral. Since I have pretty much stuck to neutral blushes most of my adult life, I don’t have too many bright blushes to choose form. Radiant Magenta and Presage come to rescue if I am ever in need of extra brightness!

9. Biggest blush disappointment/regret?
Nars Orgasm
. My first ever Nars purchase and one I still have hanging around for nostalgia, only. Couldn’t quite figure out what the madness over this one was about. It was too shimmery for me always, just that the store lighting always manages to camouflage imperfections very well.

Nars Orgasm blush
10. Best blush packaging?
Domed shaped compacts makes it difficult to stack blushes which is why Hourglass’ otherwise beautiful gold packaging doesn’t figure here. I think Tarte have packaged their blushes really well. The simple round compact in the color of the blush is not just cute but practical.

Tarte's Amazonian clay blushes
11. What’s on your blush wish list?
More Burberry! Tangerine and Cameo to be specific.

12. Number 1 Holy Grail Blush?
The question in disguise here is: if I were to get rid of every blush in my stash and could only have one (end of civilization as I know it), then which one would it be?
First of all, how rude?! However, it shall be Tarte’s Exposed. The only blush I have two of, the only blush I carry on holidays with me and the only blush that I’d want to be buried with. Does that answer this question?

Tarte's Exposed Blush

What would be your answers for these questions? I am VERY curious!

Are you a blush junkie? (Please say yes!)

– Divya


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