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Last month was pretty special! It was my birthday month so as one does, I dropped a lot of cash on things which had been bloating my wishlistI had also placed an order on Sephora during their November VIB sale which Pavithra carried along when she was visiting. Clearly I have a lot of new things to talk about! Make yourselves comfortable.

I’ll start with all the stuff from Sephora. There are only a few brands which are still exclusive to the US/UK and hard to get everywhere else. One of my favorites is Hourglass. An opportunity to grab a few things from the brand aaand on discount is not something I will say no to! So, the first thing I added to my cart was their Ambient Light blush in Mood Exposure. I always thought this blush was just too pale to ever do anything, but the deeper I went into the swatch maze on the internet, the surer I got about it! Rest assured, this blush shows up on almost everyone and its almost magical in how it transforms in color when its been applied on the skin! From a pale brown mauve to a warm glow its beautiful!

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Honey Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment petal
Next, I wanted full sized versions of the Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments. I have had a small mini set of these that I used all throughout my trip to Europe and completely fell in love with it! These are almost lipstick kind pigmented, very moisturising and comforting on the lips and make amazing day time lip color! I have both in Honey and Petal now and I couldn’t have been happier! A common problem with all creamy lip colors is melting in the heat, which means this is not suitable for the handbag. That is a shame since all you want to do, if you are me, is to slather your chapped lips with lip balm all day!

Nars Yachiyo Kabuki brush
I have always lusted after the Nars Yachiyo Kabuki brush. Just look at that piece of art! The price had put me off buying it on several occasions, I mean $55 for a brush is just not gulpable! That said, a 20% discount is another kind of persuasion! I have to say, the moment I took it out of its box it looked very tiny! I almost choked at how small the brush head was but after a few weeks of use the brush has flared and acquired its actual fluffiness. Two disappointing facts: a) It sheds.. a lot and b)Its not the softest thing out there. I’ll have a full review & comparison post very soon.

Viseart Paris Nudes palette Urband Decay primer potion

The last few bits that I added to my Sephora basket were as follows: a) Kate Somerville’s infamous Exfolikate (because I need more skincare like I need a hole in my head), b) Viseart’s Paris Nudes palette (because Christine loves it and I need more eyeshadows apparently) and c) Urban Decay’s Original Primer Potion because I was tired of using the Nars’ Smudgeproof eyeshadow base and I have a feeling my eyelids had gotten too used to it! I had a small travel sized version of the UD primer potion and absolutely love it under my MAC eyeshadows (specially). Its more neutral in tone and lighter more fluid in consistency which I really appreciate!

Viseart is a French professional makeup line, meant for makeup artists for TV and film and has been getting a lot of attention Youtube. I had my eyes set on their Neutral Matte’s eyeshadow palette for a long time but when I saw this one, the Paris Nudes, I knew I had to have this… first. Its a collection of soft shimmery eyeshadows in neutral and pastel tones which satisfy my craving for everyday colors to wear on the eyes! These are super soft, pigmented and long wearing eyeshadows. I would guess that somebody with moderately oily eyelids wouldn’t need an eyeshadow primer underneath, but since its a routine I always follow I wear these colors on a base. I am planning a detailed post on these, keep your eyes peeled!

Beauty haul Sephora cultbeauty Shu Uemura the conscience fund blog Oskia renaissance cleansing gel Aesop Parsley seed mask kate sommerville exfolikate emma hardie moringa cleansing balm

I also restocked on my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil in the largest size. I have had this before and I only recently ran out of it. This is my favorite makeup cleansing step and I have used this particular version for years. Its gentle, doesn’t sting my eyes, removes every bit of makeup, does not leave a residue, a.k.a perfect!

Before I reached the bottom of my Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, I made sure the replacement was on its way! I ordered my bottle off CultBeautyand while I was at it I also added a few other things into the cart!

Aesop Parsley Seed Masque
I backed-up my Aesop Parsley Seed Masque (review) because the thought of not having it around was giving me sleepless nights! I have other clay masks in my stash which I love but there is something about the Aesop masque which I have a lot of faith in. Especially when I am suddenly breaking out, this is my go-to for gently sorting things out without adding to my already miserable skin!

With dry weather, my scalp has been getting scaly and dry as well and my forehead is bearing the brunt of it. Tiny bumps appear overnight and I am left wondering what is it that I did wrong? Parsley Seed Masque helps reduce the inflammation without turning the skin raw and never leaves it dry. I usually go over it with a moisturising masque but even if I don’t I never feel that I stripped my skin dry!

Aesop Resurrection Hand Wash
I also gifted my bathroom a swanky new bottle of Aesop’s Resurrection Hand Wash because why not? Thats my way of expressing my crazy side. If I had to sit down and make a note of things I could have bought instead of a very expensive hand-wash I might get a brain freeze so lets not even go there #dontjudge. It just looks very pretty on the sink and I am a huge sucker for blogging clichés so yeah. Also, I have every intention of reusing that bottle once I run out. *wink*

Just so you know, this smells exactly like the hand cream which has been in and out of my favorites several times in the past, although currently I am a major fan of it!

Kate Sommerville exfolikate emma hardie moringa cleansing balm
I saw that CultBeauty had the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleaning Balm in a tiny 15ml Stocking filler, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! Luckily by the time I placed this order it was hugely discounted and I managed to save at least half the price. But,

I am disappointed.

This has a really nice fragrance, light texture, easy to massage and rinse off but it leaves my skin DRY! I have dry skin to begin with and by the time I am done rinsing this off my skin is badly craving for moisture. My face feels stretchy and parched which is definitely not what I would expect from a balm! I think for people with oily skin this might be the best cleansing balm out there!

Caudalie Vinosource Hand Cream Crabtree and Evelyn Rosewater hand cream
Two hand creams which I have been in love with last year. Both Caudalie and Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams have been on my office desk and both have been a pleasure to use during work hours. Both are non-greasy and in the summer make my hands soft and moisturised but ready to use in an instant! Not something I would recommend for harsh winters or super dry hands. I have had the travel sized versions of both earlier and this time I went for the full-size. I am sorted for a few months atleast! You can find both on

That is a ‘little’ winter haul for you! What have you been buying recently?

– Divya


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