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Everyday lipsticks to wear for work

What do you get when you put pigmented lips, a weak will and severe shopaholic tendencies together – A MILLION LIPSTICKS! Coming up with this list was a painful task. Let’s just say there were excel sheets, late night dresser rummaging and intense self-negotations involved (I’m semi-kidding)

MAC – Creme in your coffee
If you Google ‘Creme In Your Coffee‘, you will have a million results. If you Google ‘Best Everyday Lipsticks for Brown Skin’, chances are MAC’s Creme In Your Coffee will feature in every single result. So I will save the explanation of how this is a great everyday lipstick for someone around my skin tone. What I really want to talk about is the texture – creamy, hydrating and not too slippy. It is like soul food for your lips! I whip this pinky-brown beauty out everytime my lips feel angry or dry.

MAC Velvetease  Lip Pencil – Aim To Please
I sang praises of Aim to Please in my January Favorites post, and clearly haven’t had enough of it yet! This mauvey-brown lipstick is quite unique and I can’t put my finger on why. It seems to have a touch of brightness that takes it from meh to ‘hey that’s pretty!’. Only grouse, it photographs horribly once you start using it. Just look at it, I can’t get my mind out of the gutter!

MAC Aim To Please, MAC Creme In Your Coffee
Left – MAC Aim To Please, Right – MAC Creme In Your Coffee

Burberry Lip Velvet – Redwood
The very handsome looking Burberry Lip Velvets are matte, but not overly so, and work well even if you layer lip balm underneath. Redwood is a plummy brown with hints of red. It works beautifully with any blush or eyeshadow. I feel very grown up and polished when I wear this – perfect for parent teacher meetings at my son’s school, where I have to seem like a woman who has her act together and doesn’t feed her child sugar after 5 PM.
Also, that packaging? How was I supposed to resist that?

Edit – I realized just now that this shade is longer available! I see another shade called Rosewood, but can’t seem to find the swatches anywhere. Sorry guys, I promise I’ll update if I manage to swatch it in store! 

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick – Walk of Shame
Thought I’d throw in a red to the mix. I don’t understand why this brownish almost-red lipstick is named Walk of Shame. Maybe it represents the stain leftover after ‘the night’, one that you would sport while on your ‘Walk of Shame’? Hmm, moving on, this makes for a refreshing change from the usual pinks and mauves. I like that is a soft buildable matte, which means I can modulate the intensity depending on how fierce over the top I want to look for work. I sport this often and quite shamlessly for the most part (sorry, I just had to!).

Burberry Re Charlotte Tilbury Walk Of Shame
Left – Burberry Redwood, Right – Charlotte Tilbury Walk Of Shame

Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick- Moka
This peachy brown lipstick is hella hydrating, hella creamy and now hella destroyed! I was taking pictures for this post, when it suddenly got super windy and warm (what’s up with the weird weather, Bay Area?). Moka fell down and had the entire exposed portion smashed! What does that mean? This creamy lipstick would be no bueno in really hot weather.
I love the formula of this range though! The BITE Butter Cream Lipsticks are so pigmented and come in great everyday shades. They got a bad rap for being too gimmicky (handcut, really?), but I do feel that they deserve a lot more love.

Dior Rouge Baume –  740 Escapade
I use Escapade either when I just want a slight hint of color, or as a lipstick topper. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how opaque it turned out to be, as it swatches extremely sheer on the hand. I must remember to use this more often – it resides in my bag along with a dozen other lipsticks and seventy-five receipts from Sephora the grocery store.

BITE Beauty Moka Dior Escapade
Left – BITE Beauty Moka, Right – Dior Escapade

Tom Ford – Casablanca
Tom Ford’s Casablanca burnt a nice black and gold hole in my pocket. While my wallet weeps, my lips rejoice when I wear this interestingly textured rosey brown lipstick. It starts off really creamy and threatens to move around all over your face, but smudging it out a teeny bit with your fingers helps. It quickly settles into an almost matte like finish, and stains forever. Tom Ford’s lipstick range includes a number of nude-y shades – Indian Rose, Negligee are some that come to mind immediately – no one can eat have just one!

Tom Ford Casablanca lipstick swatches FOTD
Tom Ford Casablanca

What are your favorite everyday lipsticks? Go on and enable me, I’m only 10 shades away from lipstick rehab.

title credit – Divya

– Pavithra


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