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Oskia renaissance mask Aesop parsley seed masque

I’ve been on a serious use-up-and-throw-out kick lately. Seeing how big my hoarding problem was and just how many trips I had to make to transport my beauty stuff to the new house, I was keen on getting a grip on myself. If I talk only about skincare (and not even attempt to go touch the “100 white shirts” category) I somehow seem to think I need ten cleansers for my ten invisible faces and twice that number of masks for problems my skin has never even heard of!

After about two months of being hard on myself (read: and not opening a new bottle of xyz before abc was used up), here I am with a bunch of products all finished up and licked clean. I have replaced some of these with new ones and repurchased a few. Here is the status:

Oskia’s Renaissance Mask : A gorgeous product. While I did review it in great detail when I first started using it, I have to admit I love it so much more now. It has been my go-to on days when I had a lot of time and nothing better to do than slather some mask and watch YT. I say that because this mask demands a lot of time and patience and comes with a possible risk of sleeping with it on. I tend to see a more noticeable difference in my skin when I leave it on longer than suggested. It tingles for the first ten seconds and then settles down and looks like you’ve covered your face with clear jelly. Over the period of the next thirty minutes (or sixty in my case) it brightens, softens and cleans my face and leaves it x100 times more amazing! It is expensive but foolproof. That said I was curious to try something else and held myself from grabbing my computer and ordering another one.

Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask is filling the Oskia sized hole in my stash at the moment and I am very fond of it too.

Aesop’s Parsley Seed Masque : Given such a slender tube, I was surprised by how long this lasted me! That, without drying up or going bad over a period of a year+. Its quite possibly the gentlest clay mask I’ve used without compromising on efficacy. If you’re the sort to stay clear of clay masks (I highly suggest banishing that crazy notion!) I can guarantee you’ll like this one! Its that typical drying mask which has to be thoroughly rinsed off with warm water in about fifteen minutes. For that short amount of time, its potent enough to really clean the gunk out of my pores! As with all clay masks, it does leave my skin feeling slightly tight but give me a clay mask that doesn’t? I have reviewed it here.

I think I may still have a couple of uses left in my current tube but I already stocked up on a backup for good measure.

La Roche Posay Toleriane Fluide moisturiser Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel Vichy Thermal Spring Water Pai Echium and Argan eye cream Tata Harper Hydrating Floral essence Supergoop Sunscreen serum

Tata Harper’s Hydrating Floral Essence : I got this as part of a TH Discovery Set (still available here) so this was a 15ml size. I have struggled to finish this. For my skin or surroundings this is neither hydrating, nor glow giving nor cheap. Its an excruciatingly expensive flower water which can be duped for less than one third the price. I might not be aware of or appreciate the “good” ingredients in this one but I know that this is definitely something I can live without. I am glad I tried it before stupidly buying the full-size out of my skincare fanaticism.

I haven’t and will not repurchase. I think I am very happy showering myself with the good’ol rose water.

Vichy Thermal Spring Water : Glorified water in a can just like its contemporaries. It feels more water and less hydrating than Avene’s Thermal Water (yes I could differentiate between two “waters”). I am assuming there is a marginal difference in their mineral contents which makes one slightly more skin friendly than the other. If its difficult to get hold of Avene you might as well give this one a shot!

I am armed with a humongous bottle of Avene. Vichy shall have to wait.

Pai Echium And Argan Eye Cream : I continued to use this way past its due date but thankfully there was no nuisance to report. This was my second tube/pump and lasted me over a year. I have reviewed it before so I’ll save space here. Its the perfect eye cream which is gentle, natural, organic, without weighing on your budget and delicate skin. Works perfectly with concealers, hydrates well through the day and so good that I am usually tempted to smear it all over my face!

I am currently looking for an eye cream with a bit more strength. Will keep you posted.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel : Best.Cleanser.Ever. For someone hopelessly hooked to soft, bouncy and glowy skin its no surprise that I bought a back-up almost as soon as the current bottle started to feel light! Its a shame Oskia does not make this in humongous family sizes because you bet I’d have backups of that too! If you are not already bored of me raving about this, go ahead and read about it here, here and here as well.

Bottle No. 3 in use now.

Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum : After going through a good 30ml I am still undecided about this one. A serum and sunscreen in one meh? I’d say this; its not for us tropical dwellers, its borderline rich and can easily get greasy, but not so hydrating that you can skip moisturiser. You get my drift? I did not hate it but I am definitely not going this route again.

La Roche Posay Toleriane Fluide Moisturiser : I can trust this to sort me out in times of distress and because it comes in a (genius) pump bottle I am assured of using a clean product every time. Very thoughtful of the brand to package it in a pump bottle given that its meant for sensitive skin. The last thing troubled skin wants is a bacteria infested moisturizer in a pot! This is my comfort food for the skin!

Always have a bottle around, just in case.

Davines melu shampoo Kerastase shampoo the body shop hemp foot butter

Kérastase Discipline (Bain Fluidealiste) Shampoo : I have used this shampoo straight for a year and nothing else. Let me rephrase that: I have only used this shampoo for a year, everytime I washed my hair, and it lasted me EXACTLY a year. Better? This has an ingredients list as long as my arm so lets not even try to comprehend that. This does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, except it has something else that can also be abbreviated to SLS. go figure! This has worked very well for my scalp for most parts of the year except a few lapses when the weather was super dry. It is formulated to fight frizz and keep hair smooth for 72 hours, all claims, both of which I cannot fully affirm. That said, it is a good shampoo and something I may consider going back to if I fail to find anything else to replace it.

I am working my way through the long list of alternatives. Undecided!

Davines Melu Conditioner : On the other hand, I have found a great conditioner for my usually fine, tangled mess of hair which loves to form lumps! Melu is for long fine hair, a.k.a mine and its just the thing for days when I want texture and strength in my hair. It not just makes it manageable, it also adds a lot of swish and body without stripping it dry. God sent if you ask me! While I was initially pumped about the quirky packaging, and while it did help accessing all of the product pretty easily, in the end I realised its just too messy and fragile.

Nevertheless, I am definitely repurchasing this after I have scraped out every last bit. I bought mine at CultBeauty

The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector : Who talks about foot creams? No one! everybody have their the body shop favorites and here is mine. Their Hemp foot protector does not disappoint like the rest of the line. Its super creamy and almost envelops the foot in a creamy goodness which takes a few minutes to sink in but lingers on for hours. I apply it at night, go to bed and during my morning shower I can still feel it on my feet. I have never been very diligent with foot-care but this little tub has made a huge difference!

A non-glamorous but essential part of my maintenance. I shall have to go out and repurchase asap.

empty products

Have you tried anything from my list?

– Divya


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