I Shopped My Stash

I shopped my stash nars laguna MAC peaches blush Bourjois Happy Light foundation MAC quite natural paint pot YSL glossy stain #7 corail aquatique

My idea of behaving responsibly is to go through my makeup stash and use things which have not seen daylight in months. Its now a borderline obsessive and extremely annoying habit where every Sunday I pull out everything I have, swatch, slather, and select and stash away the rest until next weekend!

This is also fondly referred to as “Shopping My Stash” in the beauty blogging space.

Now that the weather has amply warmed up here (sincere apologies to my friends still freezing to their bones) I have put away every hint of mauve and berry and pulled out the prettiest pieces in coral and peach. Only difference, I made sure I had the most neglected makeup products on rotation first.

Nars Laguna Bronzer is possibly the grand father to all the makeup I own. My first grown-up high-end makeup purchase (if you ignore the hundred Revlon lipsticks that came before it) but one I couldn’t ever love properly. This had been lying around neglected for months and years until the fabulous Yachiyo Kabuki brush came along! Not just Laguna, but all those forgotten powder blushes which I had given up on now have a new lease of life! Case in point, MAC’s Peaches blush which is very pretty in the pan but refuses to let any color come off it.

I shopped my stash nars laguna MAC peaches blush Bourjois Happy Light foundation MAC quite natural paint pot YSL glossy stain #7 corail aquatique

This kabuki brush is kind of magical as it feels soft on the cheek (more than MAC and less than Wayne Goss) but is hard on the powders, especially the stubborn, stiff ones and blends everything like a dream! Remember how I complained about it shedding? Well, I realised the more I used it the less it shed and after its first wash it stopped being a pain! I rarely see it shed now, if at all, and given how good it is with the powders I am no more complaining! I’m wearing Laguna under the cheekbones (quite heavily for purpose of photographing) and peaches on the apple of the cheeks.

I have been stuck with the Dior BB Cream for years now and honestly I don’t see why not? Its pretty much all I can ask for in a base without suffocating my skin or scratching my face and given how nicely it covers what it has to, I have been happily slapping it on daily. My point is, I have been ignoring every other base product in my collection because of this BB cream! So, the other day when I saw my old friend, Bourjois Happy Light Foundation I did a mini celebratory jig in my head! Its a beautiful foundation for dry skin which glides on the skin and looks like skin. I’m wearing it in the picture mixed with a drop of Guerlain’s L’Or primer. I wear the shade 53 and it matches me perfectly! I find it very similar in texture and performance to Guerlain’s famous Lingerie de Peau foundation, but at a third of the cost, are you convinced yet?

Its funny that I had put MAC’s Quite Natural paint pot in the “Back To MAC” pile just a few month back. Good that I didn’t go all the way with the plan because I have a ton of love for this eyeshadow now! I’m usually a devout brown eyeshadow person and tend to keep a safe distance from anything cool toned. Quite Natural has changed all that. Its brown but almost mauve-y/grey on me, in fact its as cool toned as you can make a brown! I saw how lovely it looked on Tenneil and decided to give it another go. Glad I did because this is all I have been wearing on the daily! Sometimes I pop some Burberry Almond eyeshadow on top to make it more intense. Gah! I love it!

I shopped my stash nars laguna MAC peaches blush Bourjois Happy Light foundation MAC quite natural paint pot YSL glossy stain #7 corail aquatique

Sadly, Quite Natural creases in seconds on me which is one of the reasons I never wore it, but a little primer underneath goes a long way! If worn alone I can look like I’ve been punched in the eye but pairing it with a brown/black eyeliner and mascara, you have your 90’s grunge on point! Its darker and smokier in real and I tried my best to capture how good this looks.

For lips, I’ve been on a mission to use up things that have not already gone bad. I LOVE my YSL glossy stains or Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stains as they are called. #7 Corail Aquatique has been around for more years than I would like to admit here, but it hasn’t gone bad thankfully. I have been dabbing it lightly on the lips and watch it turn into a gloss/liquid/lipstick/stain all in one! I am neither a fan of glosses or liquid lipsticks but this one has my heart! When worn lightly it looks very natural and pretty and thats how I like it!
Its technically not a re-discovery because I keep coming back to it when nothing else works. In fact, this definitely qualifies as one of the things I’ll repurchase as soon as I run out. Its that good!

Have you made any rediscoveries lately?

– Divya


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