Hello Spring, Are We There Yet?

Spring Makeup

As I type this post, the view outside is nothing short of stormy. It has been rainy and cold for about ten days now. So when nature doesn’t decide to switch seasons on time, a makeup lover has to take extreme steps and gather ammunition all the lipsticks!

Some of the Spring Collections this year were hard to resist. We saw MAC do some very vibrant blushes with the MAC Flamingo Park Collection, Chanel brought out that beautiful multi colored ribbon blush, and Dior had an extremely drool worthy highlighter. It took a tremendous amount of self control to prevent my wallet from taking walks to every beauty counter in the last couple of months.

Tarte Tartelette Palette, NARS Hammamet Eyeshadow Duo
Tarte Tartelette Palette, NARS Hammamet Eyeshadow Duo

For someone who can barely use two colors at a time on her eyes, I own a remarkable number of eyeshadow palettes! I got the Tartelette palette last year when people wouldn’t stop talking about it. The same set of people have unanimously added it to their ‘Products I Regret Buying‘ list. But there’s something about this all matte palette that is making me reach for it almost everyday.
I use the colors in the second row for a subtle mauve-purple look, and the ones in the top row for an everyday natural brown one. The colors in the palette also work wonderfully with other shimmery eyeshadows.  They are understated and don’t scream color, which is great especially when you want to use an orange blush, a coral lip and a shimmery peachy-gold highlighter – all at the same time, on the same face.

NARS Hammamet Eyeshadow Duo Swatches
NARS Hammamet Eyeshadow Duo Swatches

NARS hit it out of the park with  the Nouvelle Vogue Spring Collection ’16. I almost dismissed the collection assuming nothing was going to show up on my skin-tone, but then a brisk ‘walk’ at Sephora happened. The Hammamet eyeshadow duo is a perfect combination of a peachy beige and a muted rose-gold-copper. I couldn’t just walk away. I use the beige all over my lids and pat the rose gold on the centre of the mobile lid. I finish up with some black eyeliner, and sometimes smudge MAC’s Teddy Kohl pencil over the pencil. Love!

NARS Impassioned, Tarte Tipsy, NARS Torrid
NARS Impassioned, Tarte Tipsy, NARS Torrid

NARS’s Impassioned blush looks like beige dust in the pan. But you have to swatch and wear it on your cheeks to truly appreciate how pretty it is. Most blog don’t recommend this for darker skin tones (I’m about an NC-43), but I have to politely disagree. I use this on the apples of my cheeks, and it leaves such a nice neutral flush! Do you like layering blushes? I’ve started doing that only recently and can’t seem to get enough of it! A bronze-y/dark blush closer to the cheekbones blended upwards, and NARS Impassioned just on the cheeks has been my favorite combination in the recent past!

Left To Right - NARS Torrid, Tarte Tipsy, NARS Impassioned
Left To Right – NARS Torrid, Tarte Tipsy, NARS Impassioned

NARS’s Torrid and Tarte’s Tipsy are long lost blush cousins. Torrid is a peachy shimmery blush, not overly pigmented but easy to work with. I really didn’t need this blush, I don’t need anymore blushes. But when I saw that the ingredients on some of the NARS blushes had changed (no parabens or triclosan), I decided to give a few of the popular shades a go #excuses.

I’ve had Tipsy, a bright pink-y coral for over a year and a half now,  but just look at the pan – not even a tiny dent! It is uber pigmented and a great blush if you’re feeling blah, and you just need something to brighten your entire face instantly! My only advice if you’re working with Tipsy, is to do base first, blush second and everything else after. It is not for the faint of heart.

NARS Multiple - South Beach
NARS Multiple – South Beach

To be honest, the only reason I fished the NARS Multiple in South Beach out of hibernation was that it was sparkly, peachy and barely used. The other day, I used it as a highlighter and eye-shadow and really liked the fresh, doe eyed outcome. You need a primer on the eyes though, I don’t know how NARS sells this as a ‘multiple’ – it creases and fades within an hour! While this will be in my Spring rotation, I’m definitely not plonking down 40$ for another one of these.

Chanel Pygmalion, NARS Banned Red, Chanel Desinvolte
Chanel Pygmalion, NARS Banned Red, Chanel Desinvolte

This was so hard! I love switching around my lip products, I can never be faithful to about two or three even for a week. Sigh. A few, however, stay put on my vanity through the warmer months. I used Chanel’s Desinvolte(97) and Pygmalion Rouge Coco Shines through summer last year and I can see it happening all over again. I love both these corals, and actually have a backup of Pygmalion thanks to Divya!

Swatches - L-R - Chanel Pygmalion, NARS Banned Red, Chanel Desinvolte
Swatches – L-R – Chanel Pygmalion, NARS Banned Red, Chanel Desinvolte

Banned Red is another gem from NARS Spring ’16. This is a marsala meets red meets pink shade from NARS’s satin lipstick line. It looks nothing like a bold red that the name seemingly implies. And I needed another lipstick like I need a hole in my head. But this, you guys, is really unique..I promise!

Ah I’m so excited to put these babies to good use over the next couple of months, come rain or shine! I’m going to try and do a few posts featuring some of these, weather and light permitting.

Will you be switching up your make up this Spring?

– Pavithra


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