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I am an Aesop addict and I’m not exactly proud of it!

I fell hard for this minimal, apothecary style packaging a few years ago and have since amassed a lot of A’s in my stash. For most parts the products have good ingredients and are very skin friendly but I cannot ignore how good they look on top shelves. I think it doesn’t get more instagram-worthy than a bathroom shelf with a bottle of (anything) Aesop!

Now that I have sounded amply materialistic and vain let me inject some sense into this post going forward. Yes! we are talking about this brand which a better half of the blogging-world loves and (as I can personally vouch for) for a good reason. Aesop is an Australian born skincare brand which fortunately now sells in a lot of cities outside of its homeland. It can be found at various department and stand-alone stores across the globe and a few online retailers also stock the brand which is how I usually get my fix!

Contrary to popular belief, Aesop is not a natural or organic brand but rather believes in harvesting the best of both plant based and laboratory-made ingredients. They are known for their skincare just as much as the luxurious bath and body products they make. Its pricey but you are paying for a lot of things, one of which is quality.

aesop fascination what to buy from aesop aesop resurrection handwash resurrection hand cream aesop fabulous face oil Aesop rind concentrate body balm aesop parsely seed masque aesop facial exfoliator aesop nourishing shampoo aesop volumizing conditioner

Parsley Seed Masque

This is probably my most loved product from the brand! You’ve read my praises for this before and when I recently repurchased my second tube, it was established that I cannot be without it! It appears to be a basic clay mask, except that it is not! Its not very strong on the skin so anyone can use it, it doesn’t strip the skin dry so you can use it more often, it deeply cleanses pores, keeps them from getting infected and la di dah! It does contain fragrance and it IS detectable, but in the most uplifting way possible. There are a lot of clay masks on the market so this is by no means a must-have, but if you are just starting out with skincare and want something gentle and deep cleansing then this could be your thing!

Fabulous Face Oil

Oooh the fragrance! Quite heady and quite strong and takes a while to settle down. This was quite a discovery as I was pretty rounded off in the facial oil department and absolutely didn’t need another product to confuse my skin. Then while I was in Berlin, along with a few purchases from Aesop, I received a couple of samples of the Fabulous Oil (what a name!) which I then used everyday for a week and by the weekend I had already bought the full size! Its a great product once you get past the fragrance, which is a pity because I don’t see why it needs so much of it? I spoke to the SA at length and she explained that this is for combination skin which breaks out frequently and can be used both day and night or mixed with a moisturiser.

She also told me that the Damascan Rose Facial Treatment (treatment being the operative word here), which is oil based (but still not called an oil?), works for very dry skin. The Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Treatment, much like the Parlsey Seed Masque is for all skin types, especially dull skin and smokers. Fabulous Face Oil fits the bill for the perfect face oil which blemished prone and combination skin can benefit from. I love using it in the day when the weather is very dry as well as in the evenings after using the Parsley Seed Masque (during a breakout spell). It does help clear the skin faster and bring down redness due to the breakouts but my problem usually is broken capillaries (thanks to being not so gentle to my face) which no amount of oil or treatment can cure. I just have to go easy!

Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste

I got this a few months back but hadn’t used it until recently. I tend not to open new tubes and bottles unless I finish the ones around but I was too curious to let it just sit there unopened! So what is it? its a physical exfoliant which also combines the properties of Lactic Acid to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the complexion. It contains super fine river-bed Quartz in a creamy cleanser base and feels quite scrubby to be honest! It says on the tube its for most skin types but I think its not. In this age of chemical exfoliation I don’t think there are a lot of takers for ‘old school scrubs’ anymore.

I have used it a couple of times and I made sure I was super gentle. It feels warming on the skin and leaves it VERY soft but its still not something you need to run out and buy! I find it stronger than the REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial which is usually my exfoliation of choice. Sensitive and redness prone skin folks look away NOW!

What to buy from aesop body care

Rind Concentrate Body Balm

Now this where it gets very impractical! You absolutely do not need to spend $35 on a tube of body lotion, but if you are me you’ll look past all the economics and still buy it anyway. Because Aesop! This fancy orange tube is fun to use at the moment thanks to the refreshing citrus scent (all in the name) and actually works quite well with my acutely dry skin. I cannot use a lot of body lotions on myself because they cause inflammation and make me very scratchy (not pretty at all). Aesop luckily works but not something I can constantly repurchase. If you want to treat your limbs to some luxury by all means go for it!

Nurturing Shampoo & Volumizing Conditioner

I bought this shampoo and conditioner duo from Paris and these were my first ever purchases from the brand, from their store. The time spent in an Aesop store stays with you and if you’ve been to one you’ll know what I mean. It is such a beautiful yet minimal space, grey walls, huge sink, quiet and calm and no one rushing to make you buy things and leave! You can spend time there, go through each product, try it, understand the philosophy and then make your decision. So Good!

My scalp is almost always deficient in nourishment so anything thats called nurturing will obviously get my attention! I decided to pair it with a different conditioner and went with the volumizing one because having long hair means you are trading it for volume and it always ends up flat right on the crown! Their haircare is not exactly revolutionary but formulated without sulphates and parabens and chock full of botanical extracts it does feel nurturing to some extent. I have a very tiny bit still left in the bottles because I get bored and switch but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing it in a hurry.

Resurrection Hand Wash & Hand Balm

My absolute favorite purchase from Aesop. And such a blogger inspired one at that! I treated my new bathroom to this luxury recently and I’m still not regretting it. It was a complete impulse purchase but I love this tiny luxury on my sink! Its just a hand-wash, nothing deep. On the other hand, the matching hand balm definitely deserves a word of praise. I have had difficulty making up my mind about this one although in the end I thing I actually quite like it!

Both the hand wash and the hand-balm smell identical and its very reminiscent of an invigorating gingery smell. I personally like it more in the hand-wash than the hand-balm. Honestly, I could do with a less fragranced hand cream you know? The hand-wash feels less drying on the hands than your regular Dettol and thats how I justify it in my head.

Aesop Resurrection Hand Wash

Have you tried anything from Aesop? Favorites?

– Divya


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