Weekly Details #1

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Time for chit chat!

Instead of  doing this on a Sunday evening, when Monday thoughts are already killing us, I thought I’ll put down random thoughts, links, people etcetera I have been loving, on a Friday instead. Don’t we all love Friday? It feels like there’s endless time ahead (2 DAYS!) up until Sunday evening rolls around, in just a blink. But you know what? Lets not think about that yet!

These days I get a lot of time in the evenings ever since I moved houses. There is basically zero commute and I can instead spend that time productively and also not be exhausted. Some days we go for a walk or a spontaneous coffee date and other days I just spread on the sofa and watch Youtube!

This week I have been busy over at Instagram a little more than normal and that has been fun. I love it when pictures tell a story (although mine could do much better) and some pictures on my feed absolutely blow my mind! The company recently decided to tamper with its algorithm for displaying feeds etc and if you’ve been at a loss (like me) trying to understand what it means then read this. In fact, Sara has some very helpful literature on how to make the most of Instagram (relevant to the bloggers mostly, I think!) and how it can help you stand out in the crowd. Not the click bait-y kind of posts but interesting analysis of what works for her and what does not!

Lifestyle bloggers have been a huge hit with me this year. I already loved Anna but when her blog took a turn from beauty to lifestyle she quickly became my favorite! When I need to calm my head a little and escape, I head over to her.

When Maddie’s essay on the internet and why it should stop telling us to be ‘happy’ hit my feed, I dropped everything and read! She said it out aloud what a lot of us have been thinking! This woman has a very smart head on her shoulders and if you are at it, just read through every post she has put up in the last couple of months and you’ll know what I’m talking about. She is brilliant!

You might have seen this little splurge earlier this week if you follow me on Instagram. Damage was done in just a week of a new Sephora opening 2 miles away from me! Everything was overpriced, except Dior (not even kidding!). I’m quite happy about restocking on the Sephora Rose Mask though. Have I told you about this? I guess not; so this is a hydrating mask which is a sheet soaked in a hydrating soothing liquid which you then stick on your face and keep it on. Let me tell you, this sheet fits my face contours better than any other previous sheet masks I’ve tried. Besides, it really does make a difference. I love it, and I now have two Yay!

In other news, I’m looking forward to cooking this on the weekend. I have not had a proper cook in almost a month and its time I get down to some elaborate cooking! I’m good with chicken recipes, like I can intuitively tell when its done, so this shouldn’t be hard. We’ll see.

Blogging has never felt more fun than it does now. At the risk of jinxing myself, I think I’m ready for anything with TCF! There is a LOT to come. Pavithra and I have been having 2 a.m chats everyday, given we are at a 12 hr timezone difference. We have been planning additions to the blog (no not Youtube.. yet!) which could potentially be a lot of fun for you my dear readers! Its a different story that most of these chats turn into new makeup scrutiny and enabling marathons, much to our wallet’s dismay! A spending ban is in order. Just Saying.

What are your plans this weekend?

– Divya


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