The Eyeshadow Of My Dreams

Wearing Tom Ford Spice Cream Eyeshadow
Dear Tom (Ford),

Hope you’re doing well! Its been a while since we chatted. Well, that’s not entirely true, we’ve never met or spoken before. But, I have a few things I need to talk to you about, and I hope that you read this at leisure, with a glass of fancy wine by your side!

So what you’ve done, Tom, is help me find the eyeshadow of my (and probably every beauty lover’s) dreams. I think you are already aware of this, explains why this product cost me a month’s worth of coffee #sospoilt. Its okay though, eyeshadow over frappe any day!

You see, I have warm, golden undertones and I’ve always been looking for the perfect bronze. The one that isn’t too brown, too cool, and not too golden or yellow either. Something that doesn’t look heavy on my eyelids, and was easy to apply and blend. It had to look effortless, but sultry – you know how the models in all your ad campaigns seem? yea, just like that! I know, this is a crazy list for something as simple as an eyeshadow. I’d almost given up on this search until I found Spice.

Tom Ford Spice
Tom Ford Spice

Now, I understand that you may not remember every singly detail about each one of your products. I wouldn’t either, if my day job included dressing James Bond. So let me refresh your memory. Spice is a warm bronze-gold cream eyeshadow that is now a part of your permanent collection (thank you). What stands out for me, is that the product is so high in pigment, that I don’t have to add several layers for color to show up on my skin. As a woman of color with dark pigmented eyelids, I appreciate that. Also, it does not crease immediately like almost every other cream eyeshadow that I’ve tried. This one stays put even without a primer! Can you tell I’m in love (with Spice)?

Just for science, I tried to see if there were colors or formulae similar to Spice in other brands, no offense to you at all. I thought Charlotte Tilbury’s Bette would be very close, lots of people have compared her Eyes To Mesmerize cream shadows to yours. I heard she worked with you for a bit, explains why I love so many of her products as well! Bette though, is not bronze at all, and creases/fades pretty quickly on me. Urban Decay Smog and MUFE S-102 (from the Artist Nudes Palette) are powders, and don’t really compare in terms of color either.

Tom Ford Spice, Charlotte Tilbury Bette, Urban Decay Smog, MUFE S-102
Tom Ford Spice, Charlotte Tilbury Bette, Urban Decay Smog, MUFE S-102

Spice is one versatile eyeshadow, it compliments but never tries to grab the limelight. I’ve paired it with red, mauve, rosey, berry, peach lips and never really found them to clash. Sometimes, I like to add a little bit of a bronze-y eyeliner to the lash lines to kick up the intensity. If I’m in a rush, I just use my fingers, but my favorite way of applying Spice is using the Zoeva Luxe Soft Definer, it picks up a tiny bit of product – perfect given that this looks like and costs as much as gold! 

Wearing Tom Ford Spice
I’m Wearing Spice here

As I sign off, I’d like to congratulate you (and your team at Tom Ford Beauty) on a job well done. Now, if only you could find me the nude lipstick of my dreams ..and rethink those prices!

Warm Regards,

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