What’s On My Mind Fridays #1

What's On My Mind Fridays #1
Pre caffeinated me

My skin has started rebelling against all the brutality I subject it to on a daily basis. I’ve been trying to stay makeup free (so hard!), and thought this would be the right time to ramble about the musings in my head this week.

Toddler Troubles

The last couple of days have been slightly crazy. My son had the latter half of the week off from pre-school. Spring break apparently. I Googled images of Spring Break and was mortified! That’s it – no internet access or any exposure to pop culture for my four year old for the next forty years!

While he was thrilled to stay home and turn our living room into a plastic-toy dumping-ground, I was left pulling out all my hair and contemplating a move back to India at the earliest. How does one ‘work’ from home with a toddler? He has shown a keen interest in participating in every meeting and conference call I’ve had over the last three days. His key contributions included a fine rendition of Wheels On The Bus – in a loop – FIFTY times! Any moms or toddler whisperers out there, how do you keep your kids occupied and out of your hair for eight whole hours?

Put that damn phone away!

Which brings me to the second thing that has been on my mind all week. I’m addicted to technology. Not in the good ‘I can take a computer apart and put it together again’ kinda way. This is the evil ‘Instagram is my life’ addiction. Instagram, Facebook, email(s), work, High Heel Confidential and Pinkvilla, I seem to devote more time to these than to the people in my life. I should be doing better things, like reading ‘The GingerBread Man‘ and ‘The Lion King’ a zillion times to aforementioned toddler. Or teaching him how to swim, or better still, learning to swim myself! Jokes aside, I need to be more *cringepresent. It is not that hard. In theory. I’m usually around him for about four hours in the evening. How hard would it be to just put my phone/laptop/camera away for just four hours? Gulp.

So, when does the sun really rise?

Four hours brings me to another existential crisis type of problem. I really want to be a morning person. I want to be that cool mom who wakes up at 5:30 AM and gets her life in order before everyone else in the family wakes up. I envy people who are able to get an hour or two of doing-nothing time in the AM.  My mum has woken up at 5 AM or earlier, every single day, for as long as I can remember. It comes so naturally to her. She’s also the most efficient and cheerful person I’ve known. Clearly, I haven’t had the best luck in the genes department. So my goal for the coming week is to set multiple alarms, make many cups of highly caffeinated tea and just become a morning person already! I’m out of ideas, so if you have a more realistic way of achieving this,please let me know – I will be eternally grateful!

That active life

A big reason for me wanting that one or two hours of alone time in the morning is being able to get a work-out in. My tryst with exercise and fitness has been nothing short of traumatic. Long story short – I used to work from home a lot, much more than I needed to. Consequently, I now have a Pavithra shaped dent on one corner of my couch. My husband points at it (the dent) and laughs at me. Enough is enough,time to get moving. I try and squeeze in walks during my work day. But that doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. I’ve started weekly yoga lessons, but they are not going to help unless I spend some time practicing at home everyday. I’ve seen how fresh and fit I feel after a brisk long walk and crave that feeling all the time – but not unlike any reasonable lazy person, I always have excuses – weather, toddler, work, pms , life.

My next action item for the weeks to come is to get a regular exercise schedule in place. And stay motivated.

I will be back with updates in the coming weeks! Just typing all this out is making me feel all responsible and ready. I should’ve committed to more things – learn a new programming language, organize my closet, watch Jurassic Park!

Finally, coming to the one thing that really drove me to write this post – I wanted to say – Thank You. To each of you that has read my posts in last couple of weeks. To those of you who took the time to leave a comment – it meant the world to me and made me so happy! To be a part of this is a dream come true – thank you from the bottom of my heart (I should be on a daily soap, drama on demand!).

The original edit of this post included a line saying some nice things about Divya, but she has blackmailed me into removing it. I’m calling the authorities.

– Pavithra


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