The ‘Under Ten Minutes’ Makeup

favorite makeup for a busy dayAs much as I love putting on makeup in the morning and taking my time to get everything look imperfectly perfect, I am usually found trading sleep for a well applied eyeshadow!

As a result, I end up with anything between 7-10 minutes for the morning routine – on a lucky day! In such a small time-frame, once I am done applying makeup its hard to tell if I really did anything. Forget contouring, looking polished is the most I can hope for!

I am always all about the barely there no-makeup-makeup madness, and all I do is just switch between brands within the same color family. I go through cycles of loving pinky-nudes to peachy-nudes and thats about how adventurous it gets! I thought I’ll put together a post all about this current pack of products, which do the aforementioned job, in the smallest possible time with the maximum possible result!

everyday makeup by terry sheer expert Nars radiant creamy concealer in ginger hourglass dim light powder hourglass mood exposure blush by terry ombre blackstar cream eyeshadow in brown perfection ysl rouge pur couture in no.5 chanel le volume mascara benefit gimme brows


I am a devout Dior BB cream fan and nothing on the market has ever challenged my faith up until now! Not a big leap because one layer of the By Terry Sheer Expert ‘Foundation’ is just a notch more coverage than a regular BB cream. However, this foundation is not what I’d term ‘Sheer’! It is quite build-able and of course can be worn sheerly – like how I usually use it. I apply it with my fingers and it makes my redness disappear and all pores look like they were never there. I can build it up for a more perfected ‘look’, but mostly some concealer under the eyes and I am good to go!

I have been wearing it non-stop since the day it arrived and it feels like the perfect summer foundation! It sets to a natural finish (not matte but not dewy either) and never feels drying through the day. That said, the price is super steep so I should probably go easy on the everyday ‘slap-n-go’ routine.


I don’t wear highlighters everyday and considering how hot and sweaty it can get here, I keep a safe distance from anything that can make me look ‘perspiring’. Instead, I set my face with the Hourglass Dim Light powder, and not just does my base stay on a little longer, my face looks ‘dimly’ lit.
Its hard to go overboard with this powder. There have been times when I’ve gone to town with this and made a significant dent in the pan, but my face had zero traces of powder! The perfect brush to pair this with is a very loosely packed powder brush like the Wayne Goss #14. It grabs the right amount of powder and brushes it on perfectly! Never have a caked-makeup-day again!

hourglass mood exposure blush nars yachiyo kabuki brush


When on a cramped timetable, the first thing that gets axed from my routine is bronzer! I’m not complaining because my blush does a pretty good job of giving me the ‘pop’ I need and a nice natural flush to go with it! I couldn’t have skipped blush duh! For work, I tone it down and stick to neutrals like Tarte’s Exposed or the Hourglass Mood Exposure blush, which is less pink and more luminous than Exposed. I’m having a raging fling with these Hourglass blushes, I feel like I could just use these for the rest of my life and never need another blush!

I take that back. I love all my blushes equally!


More often than not, I’d completely skip anything on the eyes (and risk looking sick), but on days I find an extra minute, I try and avoid that! The By Terry Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow crayons are God-sent for busy women. First, they do not need any primers because they DO NOT BUDGE no matter how oily a lid there is, and secondly they are super pigmented so one swipe has you covered! I love the color Brown Perfection, which is the least shimmery and most ‘Me’ color. A purple-tinged-brown which is pretty much smokey-eye-under-thirty-seconds. Its an investment, these pencils, but one I whole-heartedly recommend to women who love eye makeup but don’t have the time!

I use the side of the crayon very very close to my upper lash line and draw a haphazard line half-way on the eyelid. With a synthetic brush I quickly smudge it to turn it into a haze. You need to be quick with the smudging action because its going to set in exactly the shape you applied it!

favorite makeup for a busy day

A good tip is to hold the pencil brush parallel to the face while blending color under the lower lash-line. In the picture above I have the Zoeva Petite Crease brush to smudge the color. Thanks to the tapered shape of the brush, the bottom part diffuses the color while the tip blends it. This method diffuses color so much better than holding the brush on right angles!


I absolutely LOVE the W3LL People Expressionist Mascara for everyday, any day and I just ran out of it! I’ve been using my new Chanel Le Volume Mascara but it needs a bit of ‘sitting time’ because at the moment it goes all wet and super dramatic on my lashes! After I’ve done applying I have to go over it with a clean spoolie and brush the excess off. Such a pain! I am on a one-in-one-out mission so I cannot repurchase W3LL’s unless I’ve used up Chanel. While I wait, I’d highly recommend you try it!


I love a good nude and my favorite color of all times is the YSL Rouge Pur Couture #5. Whenever I put up a picture I have this one on. I just involuntarily grab this every single time and I think I have to make an effort to wear something else for a change. My apologies for mentioning it so passionately because its discontinued and I am yet to find an exact match that I can tell you! In description its a peachy-nude which flatters my complexion and goes with any look, bare or smokey. I only dab the color on the lips and never wear it full-on. It dries down to a comfortable matte, and looks very natural. As natural as a nude can look! If you ever get a chance to try the formula I highly recommend that you do. One of the nicest matte formula out there in my opinion!

What’s your go-to makeup look?

– Divya


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