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Omorovicza Queen of Hungry Mist, Davines Natural-tech shampoo Aurelia Miracle Cleanser Skincare that usually interests me, more often than not, costs an arm and a leg. What hurts more though, is if it lies there unused – Just another pretty face on my bathroom sink!

Online shopping for skincare is never a good idea. wise words. Having made that mistake way too many times, I know better than to just part with my cash for a bottle which I’ll regret after a few uses! These days I put a check on the impulses and patiently wait for those goody bags and gifts-with-purchase events to commence – just so that I can try stuff before committing to full-sizes!

It might sound very crazy if you are not a fellow skincare junkie, but trust me, all of this makes sense to the rest of us!

Aurelia Miracle Cleanser

aurelia probiotic skincare miracle cleanser

I have enough cleansers on the shelf to last me (and all my neighbors) a few months but I always want MORE. I really like creamy balm cleansers and for the sake of science want to try them all! Aurelia’s Miracle Cleanser has been a favorite of a lot of bloggers I read, and I wanted to see how different or better it was from the ones I use. It usually comes in a 120 ml tub which for two reasons has never appealed to me a) A tub? really? dipping soiled fingers and ruining the whole thing! and b) The brand stresses on using a muslin cloth with it which is not my thing!

So when I found a generous 30ml tube of this in CultBeauty’s Spring Goody Bag, I knew this was my chance! I have since used it every day and every night (about two weeks) and I think I have the last one use left. Here’s what you need to know :

  • I really really like this!
  • You do not need the muslin cloth. This goes on like a cream and comes off like milk. Rinse & Clean.
  • It smells good – not exaggeratedly good but nice.
  • Its all natural and has bioOrganic ingredients and is cruelty free.
  • I love the texture, the feel and the application of this. I feel hydrated with no residue whatsoever!

I do not have to convince myself to get the tub now, full size, but I do have to find a way to not contaminate the entire tub in one use! Any ideas?

Davines’ NaturalTech Well-Being Shampoo

davines naturaltech well-being shampoo

The monstrosity that this weather has been here! My otherwise healthy, undemanding scalp has been stripped dry of all health and vitality and I do not want to go into the horrific details of what it was resembling a few weeks back! It was hurtful and I was in a lot of pain, both physical and mental. Long story short, I was DESPERATE for a shampoo or treatment to relieve me!

I stopped using my regular Kérastase, kept away all hair serums and styling products, started cleansing my hair every other day. I tried everything. I asked Google for SLS free hydrating shampoos and this one came up. Davines have a line of products, NaturalTech, for sensitive scalp, formulated without SLS and harsh detergents, and the smallest list of ingredient I have seen for a shampoo!

I am glad to report that this shampoo has helped immensely in healing my scalp. I still have dry patches, but my scalp doesn’t feel scratchy anymore. Although I rely completely on conditioners for any real affect on my tresses, I really feel that this shampoo has changed things for my mane too! It looks less frizzy, dries naturally into waves, I need less conditioner and almost no hair leave-in products!

And did I mention is costs half of what Kérastase does?

Omorovicza Queen of Hungry Mist

omorovicza queen of hungry mist

On a very unenthusiastic note we have yet another face mist. Whats with these excruciatingly expensive, glass bottled, floral waters and their less than average performance? They cost as much as a decent treatment or serum and end up doing nothing miraculous. To be fair, I don’t really think they are meant to do much, but then why do they cost so much?

Like the Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence, the Omorovicza face mist – with a fancier name and a fancier bottle – does nothing but wet my face and smell good. In fact, I feel the Caudalie Eau de Beaute atleast feels cooling and adds a glow if I spray over makeup. This one doesn’t even do that! Now that I have tried them all (please don’t tell me there are more face mists I need!) I am very content with the good’ol pure rose water! If its just water it might as well be cheap!

This one came with the aforementioned goody bag from CultBeauty. (So glad I changed my mind back when I was going to buy a full-size bottle!)

Did you try anything new recently?



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