For That Golden Glow

Wearing Sunbeam on the top of my cheekbonesWe’re going old school today! I was doing my weekly rummage through my ready-to-explode makeup stash, and found this little bottle of golden goodness rolling about.

I knew I had to give it its due and see if I still loved it as much as I did many months ago. I do. I do so much, that I’ve given powder highlighters a long overdue break. Benefit’s Sunbeam is da bomb!

I bought Sunbeam after I’d decided that I couldn’t attend a wedding in India without having a golden highlighter on my face. After a quick swatch at my local Benefit, I decided that this was the one. I used it at the said Indian wedding, and then conveniently forgot about it. What a shame! This is the most beautiful liquid highlighter that I’ve ever tried on (sorry Becca, Burberry & NARS).

benefit_sunbeam_bottleBenefit’s choice of name is genius – the shade is a warm golden bronze, it is shimmery (not glittery) and can be built up from subtle to Kim Kardashian. I find that many highlighters that are described as ‘golden’ end up looking beige, or brown on my skin tone. That isn’t the case with Sunbeam – I can actually see a golden gleam in daylight!

The bottle comes with an unusual nail polish type applicator that I use to dot on a tiny bit on my cheekbones. I then use my fingers to blend and press the product onto my skin (I’m wearing it on my cheekbones and a teeny bit as a brow highlight in the picture above). What I really like is that this never moves or disturbs my foundation, and works well both under and over blush. Oh, and it photographs well too, glow-y, but never greasy.

Benefit Sunbeam Swatches,Sunbeam also gets brownie points for showing up on my skin tone without adding a lot of contrast. While I love a good highlight, I prefer the glow minus the frost or extra color during the daytime making this product a very good workhorse! My only gripe would be that I can’t apply three dots, walk to the kitchen, finish my tea and then blend. I’d have to walk out of the house with three golden dots then. This one sets and doesn’t budge, meaning blend ASAP but rest assured that you will be left with a gleaming, gorgeous, golden 9-5 glow!

Have you rediscovered any gems from your stash recently?

– Pavithra


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