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urban outfitters vanity tableThis is where all the action happens! Where I decide if Torrid was going to make the cut, or if felt like a bright Hourglass Radiant Magenta kinda day.This is also the place from where my lipsticks mysteriously disappear (#whentoddlersattack).
I miss you NARS Audrey, come back to me.

I’ve experimented with different kind of vanity setups. Skincare and makeup together, all makeup on display, no makeup on display, near the sink and away from natural light, you get the gist! But my current setup so far has been the most satisfying one. I’ve set it up near a big window, that gets a decent amount of light – enough to tell if I’ve been too enthusiastic with my bronzer or blush or foundation and most importantly highlighter!

Separating makeup from skincare also reduced tons of visual clutter. My husband now feels like we truly ‘share’ the skincare/bathroom area. He no longer has to worry about using Tarte’s BB Cream as toothpaste on dark winter mornings.

I ordered the vanity online from Urban Outfitters on an impulse after getting tired of poking around websites for months on end! The decision was made in a rapid fifteen minutes as it ticked off everything on my checklist – dainty, tiny and GOLDEN! The accompanying chair is again just the right size and height. My posterior though, would appreciate a nice cushion, aesthetics be damned.

Enough furniture talk, moving on to the good stuff! I have separate containers for face brushes, eye brushes, eyeliners and shadow sticks, lipsticks, blushers and base products. Yep, crazy makeup lady alert.


I store my base products, blushes, bronzers and eyeshadow palettes in two small drawers that I got from the Container Store. These are just the right size and sit comfortably on the vanity. They kinda clash with the rest of the setup, but let’s pretend we didn’t notice that, ok?


Tarte’s BB Tinted Moisturizer was a product I used to detest because of the shimmer. But seeing how natural yet bright it makes my skin look, has slowly transformed my opinion. Setting it with a dusting of Laura Mercier’s Smooth Finish Powder foundation tones down the shimmer to a great extent, and I can confidently walk out with a work appropriate, put together face!

My current go to for concealers are NARS’s Creamy Radiant Concealer (Caramel) for blemishes and the Estee Lauder Brush On Glow highlighter for under the eyes. I’m particularly unfaithful to concealers, but I can safely say that the Estee Lauder one has survived the longest on my vanity. To me, it seems like a more pigmented, and slightly heavier YSL Touche Eclat.


I’ve just been getting into bronzers – I always thought the idea of adding more brown or orange to already brown skin was pointless. I was proven wrong, and now I can’t go a day without this definition adding, cheekbone creating makeup invention! I’m pretty new to the game though, and my current go to is MakeUp Forever’s Pro Fusion Bronzer.

Back on the top shelf is Charlotte Tilbury’s Dreamy Glow Highlighter – the only product I’ve ever bought solely because of the packaging! Luckily, it also happens to be one of the most natural appearing, golden beige powder highlighters that I’ve ever used!


Moving onto colorful, springy blushes! NARS’s Impassioned blush will never leave my vanity. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you swatch this pinky neutral matte blush ASAP, you’ll be surprised at how unique it actually is! On days when I want a serious glow, I reach for Hourglass’s Radiant Magenta – golden shimmer, bright pink pigment, and the smoothest texture, win, win, win!

I love using NARS’s Torrid with just about any coral or peach lip, it just fits, and doesn’t fade for a long long time! MAC’s Desert Rose, a matte medium-dark rose blush is my when-in-doubt blush of the moment. It compliments all the million warm pink lipsticks I own and has hence, earned its rightful place in the blush shelf of fame!


More lipsticks, more problems” said  a wise woman once. I love all my lipsticks equally, and  picking just a handful is a painful exercise. The lucky ones that made the cut include MAC’s Creme in Your Coffee (I talked about it recently here), MAC Persistence, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine In Pygmalion, YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in #16 ,Urban Decay’s Ex Girlfriend and Tom Ford’s Didier.

If you struggle finding pigmented peachy nudes like I do, I strongly urge you to give  Persistence a go! Pair this with MAC’s Spice lip liner for immediate va va voom results!

I am not a fan of the YSL Sheer Candy range at all. It is supposed to be like a lip balm, but ends up drying out my lips instead. I’m trying to use it up and somehow justify the crazy price.  Tom Ford’s Lips & Boys deserve an entire post of their own. Sticker stock and tiny size aside, the range has some really unique colors with a finish that is pigment rich and long lasting. Didier is a mini of the permanent Moroccan Rouge. It instantly brightens up my face, especially on meh days when no base or blush can save the face!

My favorite lipstick this season has been Chanel’s Pygmalion (mentioned here), it is the perfect pinky coral for my skintone, and it is pretty long lasting for a lipstick that is so balmy. Pygmalion was unfortunately limited edition, but Desinvolte is near dupe and performs the same way!


Eyeliners and brow pencils are notorious for being hard to find and easy to lose. My Kat Von D liquid liner has decided to go into hiding and it is driving me nuts. *Breathe* Always in rotation are a black pencil liner and MAC Teddy. For quick fancy eyes, I apply By Terry’s Bronze Moon generously all over lids and blend out the edges. Guerlain’s So Volume mascara is extravagantly priced, but when used right, gives me the fluttery,but thick butterfly like lashes that I always crave. I will include this in a future post soon!


The EcoTools powder brush, Laura Mercier Angled Blush Brush, Wayne Goss #14 and the Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush are some of my favorites for the face. Divya and I have extolled the virtues of Wayne Goss brushes here and here. Seriously, is there a fan club? We will sign up! The Laura Mercier Blush brush works with absolutely any kind of blush or bronzer, and has retained its shape and softness over tons of washes.

I have no business collecting eyeshadow brushes, I don’t really do eye ‘looks’, but we’ll save that discussion for another time. Sephora’s Pro Shadow #14 eyeshadow brush does a great job of both applying a single wash of color and blending out harsh edges. When I feel brave enough to add in a crease color or two, MAC’s highly acclaimed #224 brush comes to the rescue!

urban outfitters gold vanity table

If you’ve really made it this far, I’m sending you some virtual hi5’s and unsolicited hugs!

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my setup so far! The vanity is compact and accommodates just the right amount of stuff. I love that it comes with the mirror, especially one that ties in so nicely with the table. The only thing I would change about it is the glass top – it can get dusty and dirty pretty fast. Needless to say, I’m all stocked up on Windex and tons of patience.

How do you store your everyday makeup? Are there any products that never leave your vanity?

– Pavithra



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