That Filmstar Bronze & Glow

charlotte tilbury filmstar bronze and glow review swatches fotd
It doesn’t usually take much to get me excited about a makeup product. Just add the word “bronze”, make it really hard to get, show me a model-face that wears it and watch me go crazy over it!

When this makeup line (which rosegold dreams are made of) was launched a few years ago, the one thing that stood out was the Filmstar Bronze and Glow Palette. With a giant portion of the female population pining for model-esque cheekbones, it was a smart move to introduce a product which promises just that.

Pavithra somehow convinced herself that she ‘needed’ it, but soon after possession she realised that the powders didn’t do much for her. Next thing we know, this swanky new palette fell into my lap!

When I opened it I swear it took all my strength to not scream!

charlotte tilbury filmstar bronze and glow review swatches fotd

I guess I should just get to the point – – exactly like how everyone says, perfect model-cheekbones-in-a-box. With a highlighter so beautiful in texture and tones that I cannot imagine a face it would not look good on! The Sculpt shade I admit may not show up on someone deeper (I was pretty relieved I just about met the criteria) but the highlighter is for everyone!

Which compels me to say that Ms. CT needs to sell it separately.

charlotte tilbury filmstar bronze and glow review swatches fotd

The details are as follows:

  • The Sculpt shade has the perfect balance of warm and cool tones. I can wear it just under the cheeks and temples for definition, or lightly dust all over for a bronzed face.
  • Sculpt is not matte not shimmery – just luminous. This also happens to be my favorite way of describing my favorite powders these days. Bear with me, while I revamp my vocabulary.
  • The Highlight is quite powdery in texture and its tricky to find the right brush to use with it. When you have that figured out prepare to be swept off your feet!
  • I use a multitude of brushes depending on how bold I want it to show up.
  • Contrary to popular observation, the highlighter isn’t intense. I have gotten away with wearing it to work. That or my co-workers don’t look at me very carefully!

charlotte tilbury filmstar bronze and glow review swatches fotd

I am wearing both the Sculpt and Highlight on my cheekbones in the picture above with no blush. I’m also wearing both the shades on my eyes, Sculpt in the crease and Highlight on the lid. In real life this looks beautiful but my camera refused to co-operate. Can we just pretend it looks really pretty? Thank you.

The only gripe I had with this was that it is too light for people deeper in skintone, but that seems to have been taken care ofBeautylish ships this worldwide – along with the rest of the CT makeup line..

.. just saying, In case you feel sufficiently enabled!

– Divya


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