Weekly Details #2

homes and plantsA pat on the back for making it to the second installment!

Furniture Investment

I have been having a “home” phase these last few weeks. Meaning, most of the time I’m spread over home-improv magazines or scour pinterest for home inspiration. We have a whole living room to makeover! When we moved to this house, I gave-away some of the key furniture, including our old sofa. It was past its prime and the initial beautiful camel color had none of its shine left! This means that our living room is completely bare with just a few plants to keep it company for now.

In the coming few weeks I have to figure out what I want to do with that space, find the right sofas and seaters, save-buy-install and get it all together. This, I have to admit, makes me very happy! Home making is such a satisfying process, if you take your time and spend a thought before picking the right things for your house. Most things I end up liking are painfully expensive, and convincing someone is a hard task. I spend a lot of my time at home and having my surroundings comfy, tasteful and happy is so important. Thats about how much logic I can offer!

The Plant Parenthood

homes and plants

Talking about homes, did you see how beautiful our roses look!? We bought a grand total of eights plants when we moved in, in an attempt to add “greenery” to the space. Honestly, I have a tainted record with plants and I was pretty nervous about bringing home so many. But we have been such good parents (or the plants survived us!) Regular watering and making sure the plants get the right amount of sun has really really made a difference.

Initially, we weren’t watering them enough and one particular plant would just refuse to grow. We figured may be it needs more, and voila! In three weeks it started flowering.

We are all set to welcome some more plants now!

The Holiday We Had


Couple of days ago while going through my pictures on the camera, I stumbled upon all of our pictures from Europe last October. I realised there was so much that I hadn’t shared. Especially Stockholm. Its easily one the prettiest cities I have seen and the time we visited, it still had sun and we could go about without freezing to our bones! I’ll try and pop up some more pictures soon!

Looking back at the pictures, I miss that holiday so much! This year is going to be busy with work and I don’t see a holiday in the near future. This makes the last one more special and I am trying my best not to forget anything from that time!

We do plan to have one little Indian holiday this year and do some cabin-in-the-forest kind of vacation but that would have to wait till November when its colder and the forests are lush!

Do you have any vacations planned? Go on make me jealous!

Back In Love With MAC


Its funny how I have phases with MAC! I am currently having a bit of a moment with the brand and a LOT of its stuff is on my vanity for everyday use. MAC’s Face and Body is definitely a contender for my most neglected makeup product title but as soon as I start using it again its love! Such a good everyday base with a couple of layers covering everything I need. And its quick – I use my fingers and its blended in seconds!

I have a whole post coming up on my latest MAC crush. Keep your eyes peeled!

How are you doing?

– Divya


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