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Burberry beauty review burberry fresh glow fluid base nude radiance burberry blush in cameo burberry wet and dry silk eyeshadow in Almond Chestnut Burberry kisses lipstick in Sepia Burberry effortless kohl in Jet Black

After chasing it over multiple continents, I finally got hold of Burberry’s fancy makeup line. And I didn’t stop at just one thing!

While I can only dream of fitting into one of Burberry’s iconic trenches, that dream seems a little more tangible when I wear one of their eyeshadows. Half kidding! I have been lusting after this brand for years and I think the exclusivity is partly to be blamed. Don’t you want something even more when its harder to get?

Last year Pavithra sent me some minis once Sephora started stocking Burberry online, and I was won over. Obviously. I have a good variety of products and I wanted to talk about it!

So, here goes –

Eye Color Wet & Dry Silk Eyeshadow

Burberry beauty review burberry wet and dry silk eyeshadow almond and chestnut

For a declared non-eyeshadow person I have spent a good amount on some very expensive eyeshadows this past year. What was I thinking? Anyway, these Burberry eyeshadows help ease the guilt because they are glorious! I recently purchased Chestnut after falling in love with Almond which I use almost daily.

Like: Pigmentation, Color, texture, longevity are just the few things Burberry has mastered with these eyeshadows. On my super oily eyelids I can have them stay on for a good four-five hours before a slight creasing happens. This is unheard of! The ingredients list does not contain Bismuth Oxychloride which allegedly causes eye irritation, a fact I discovered after one of MAC eyeshadows gave me a red eye!

Almond is my favorite everyday eyeshadow and I cannot stop using it! I wear it all over the lid usually, but it works equally well as a transition color in the crease. Its just gorgeous and the perfect brown on me! Chestnut, I haven’t made up my mind about. I was expecting it to be more brown and less dark, but its a great one-eyeshadow-smokey-eye-color. I need to use it more to get a feel!

Dislike: Nothing actually, except I wish it was more travel friendly. As you’ll observe, that is my general complain with Burberry packaging. No matter how much I love the products I cannot imagine carrying them with me on the go!

They weigh a tonne. But they look beautiful. Oh well!

I also bought the Effortless Kohl Eyeliner – jet black, in an attempt to find something which a) was waterproof and stayed put, and b) Didn’t irritate my eyes. Gladly, it does both and I love it! Its the blackest black eyeliner I have in my stash and I love it way more than my Nars Via Veneto. I use it primarily for tightlining which is the new way to mascara for me currently.

Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base – Nude Radiance

Burberry beauty review burberry fresh glow fluid base nude radiance

The Luminous Fluid Base was one of the products I tried as a mini, fell head over heels in love, ordered the full size, which didn’t arrive for months, then got a replacement sent and I can now – finally – slap it on daily! Ever since I tried it I have actually read plenty of bad reviews for it and I thought I’ll pitch in my two cents.

Like: No obvious smell, its fluid and not goopy, doesn’t dry out my skin or exacerbate dryness – in fact puts a check on it. There is no shimmer or big chunks of glitter, its just a simple illuminator which does its job!

Dislike: See, this isn’t a bad product – not at all. If I wear it directly on my skin as a primer or base I don’t get the same results as I would if I mixed it in with a foundation. With foundation its luminous, fresh and beautiful. I mix it with MAC’s Face&Body and I have my dream base! But I understand that it should work both ways and that does puzzle me!

Burberry Kisses Lipsticks

Burberry kisses lipstick in Sepia

I have the color Sepia, which in my head seemed more brown and more neutral, while in real life it is not. Disappointment. Not so much in the formula, but more in the color which is a very blue-toned reddish pink on me. Not like! I also have Millitary Red in a mini and its a gorgeous true red!

Like: Hydrating, lot of slip, can be built up in color, stays put more than other creamy semi-sheer lispticks I have tried.

Dislike: This MELTS! I have had my (now discontinued) Lip Mist in Copper melt and I have a feeling this one is going to go the same way! There is something in Burberry’s lipsticks which makes them go mushy very easily, which doesn’t happen with any of my other sheer, creamy or hydrating lipsticks from Chanel or YSL. Anyway, thats a problem only us in the tropics are prone to. That said, its definitely not a handbag lipstick I’d reckon.

Keep it away from sun!

Light Glow Blush

Burberry Cameo blush Burberry Earthy blush

I had the Earthy blush in a mini and I loved it so much that I got another one of their blushes. Somehow they had managed to camouflage the fragrance in that mini because the new full-size Cameo has a very very strong scent!

Like: The color – dusty, soft everyday pink, very Tarte Exposed with less brown tones and more pink. The texture is super soft and very easy to blend. The ingredients have been changed (atleast thats what it says on the cover) and it does not contain parabens.

Burberry fresh glow blush cameo ingredients

Dislike: The scent is so strong that I haven’t been able to wear it more often. I wish I had listened to Pavithra who had discouraged me to get the blush. I am contemplating leaving it out in the open to get rid of the smell. Will that work? I don’t know!

Also, the packaging, looks pretty but it is so heavy I could very well use it mince garlic.

Here are the swatches of everything

Burberry beauty review burberry fresh glow fluid base nude radiance burberry blush in cameo burberry wet and dry silk eyeshadow in Almond Chestnut Burberry kisses lipstick in Sepia Burberry effortless kohl in Jet Black

You can buy Burberry online at (non-affiliate link)

Are you a Burberry fan?

– Divya


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