Weekly Details #3

desk and vanity

My favorite corner in my bedroom – for obvious reasons. I’m in the perfect mood for a chat today! So much has happened in the last couple of weeks that I just had to sit down and tell you.

Quick Trips

Tomorrow is my second trip home in two weeks. the week before last I had to rush to my parents’ because of a family emergency. Lets not dwell on that too much right now. It was very sad but we have all come out stronger from it. My parents are okay, just so you know. I suddenly grew up a few years this last week, I think facing a tragedy does that to people. Anyway, tomorrow I am flying out again and this time slightly more cheerful than last.

I’ll try and post pictures of my home and city where I grew up on Instagram. Do you follow me there?

April has been an exceptionally busy month for both Pavithra and me, hence the lack of regular posts. The sudden trip home threw my schedule off completely and I was just not in the state of mind to create new posts. The Burberry post you read was written for 13th of April but I couldn’t post it. Anyway, come May and both of us will be back with renewed energy and deadlines all done and dusted! I actually cannot wait for May!

Beauty No Buy

On the 20th of March, Sunday – a regular day for a long Divya x Pavithra chats – we were talking about new makeup releases and discussing Sephora VIB sale lists (as per usual). When two makeup-addicts discuss wishlists, damage happens and that has been pretty much the story of our lives this past year. We have been notorious for enabling each other and buying what the other one has or loves or recommends!

This has been a long time coming but, that day something snapped and we decided that it had to stop! Since then we have been on a self-imposed (much to our husbands’ delight) spending ban. No beauty and makeup purchases till the 30th of May! We actually also didn’t buy a thing during the recent Sephora sale and let me tell you it was no mean feat! Of course resolves were shaky and temptations were at an all time high, but we persevered.

Needless to say we have a endless list of stuff we’ll buy on the 1st of June!

It has already been a month with the ban and I feel light. Like a load is off my chest! I care much less about what’s new and hot and what everyone is talking about. It has zero effect. Its liberating! I am personally, looking forward to month 2 of the ban and I would really like to discover how I end up feeling after that. Would I want to continue or have a major splurge? I’ll keep you posted!

Stash Shopping

With every Beauty-no-buy comes a I-shopped-my-stash! Some old favorites are now back in rotation and I am loving it. I have a whole post coming on things I have been using and loving this past month. In fact, I am itching to revive my ‘Monthly Makeup’ series from 2014-15. Hopefully, starting May I can reboot this lost feature. I have almost never done monthly favorites so thats my way of chatting about stuff I liked. What do you think?

Now I need to pack my bags! Its incredibly hot where I am going and all I can think of is surviving that heat without any nose-bleeds and sun-strokes.

Wish me luck and have a great weekend!

– Divya


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