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makeup favorites for spring tarte tipsy blush Chnel Les beiges By terry sheer expert Chanel Mirage illusion d'ombre Becca Opal Shimmering skin perfector Dior lip glow coral

I couldn’t have come up with a more trite title if I tried. Pardon the lack of imagination there, I am going to basically chat your virtual ears off with my makeup rambles and what’s been on my mind.

I do not have an agenda for this post but seeing as there has been an unintentional silence for well over a month, I couldn’t really decide what to write. I took a couple of weeks off from my internet & makeup life at the end of which I found it really hard to re-adjust with both.

It was worse with the internet life.

Once you’ve taken a break from all the social media madness, perspective creeps in and you are forced to see the banality of everything. “What am I doing?” crisis is unavoidable and suddenly you can no-longer bring yourself to take pictures of your favorite lipstick without muting the “What’s the point?” voice in your head! Anyway, that was a challenge which took some over-coming and a lot of re-adjusting, but I am slowly crawling my way back! I purged a few more things last month and also rediscovered bits which I have fallen back in love with.

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder Tarte Tipsy Blush Nars Yachiyo kabuki brush

I have a giant stash of cheek products which is nothing short of a nightmare whenever I try to downsize, or sort through it! I have clearly failed to understand that I don’t need so many blushes and that adding more to it is only going to make it worse. I think its one problem that’ll come with me to the grave!

Last month I made a couple of week-long trips and I wanted to carry as few things with me as I possibly could, which means no five blushes and three bronzers! Luckily, I found my Chanel Les Beiges Multi Color Powder with three color stripes each for highlighter, bronzer and blush and it served the purpose and I also re-realised just how beautiful it looks on me skin!

The Les Beiges powders are seriosuly something else and this one is one of the best “Limited Edition” purchases that I have made (not that I buy too many LE products!). I just take my tiny Burberry kabuki brush, mix the top two shades of highlighter – which is almost matte – and bronzer and buff it all over the face. Then I go for the bottom two colors, blush and bronzer and put the mix just wear I’d wear bronzer and blush on my face. This medley gives a very natural, pinkish-bronze color which is beautiful! I have also come to the conclusion that on my complexion I prefer pink/red bronzers as opposed to orange or yellow toned which make me look muddier. Now I need to find more of these pink-bronzers!

I have long neglected my Tarte’s Tipsy blush for reasons that only hoarders understand, and this month I finally started to wear it! Its long been a blogger favorite but I have always found myself reaching for its lighter and pinker sister, Blissful. Tipsy is quintessential coral with nearly no shimmer and oodles of pigment! My beloved Nars Yachiyo Kabuki brush picks just the right amount of powder, a gorgeous sweep across the cheeks and I have the prettiest flush in a flash! Loving that one and regretting not doing this sooner!

By terry sheer expert foundation 10 golden sand becca opal shimmering skin perfector

My skin has had both good and bad spells these past two months. Flying as always had a very drying affect on the skin but other than extremely dry patches around my lips and forehead, I managed to avoid breaking out miserably! The extreme heat that I had traveled to made wearing any base product impossible so I was just wearing my Les-beiges powder over suncreen and calling it “make-up”.

Other than that, I have been in love with my By-Terry Sheer Expert foundation throughout. This was such an expensive purchase and I had no idea if it would work well in humidity but fortunately it does and I find it to be absolutely perfect for the current weather! It sets on the face and doesn’t feel tacky which is what I primarily look for in a foundation, and because the texture is lightweight and buildable I can wear it just as much or as less as I want. I usually mix it with either my Burberry Fresh Glow Fluid Base for an allover glow or top it with Becca’s Opal Shimmering Skin Perfector for a highlighted-yet-natural look on extra hot and humid days. I wear the shade #10 in the foundation.

Opal has been a huge favorite and an amazing find this year for me! I have had Moonstone for the longest time and while I like it, I think the warmer tones of Opal just melt on my complexion and look so skin-like that I don’t mind wearing it to work! I got this tiny tube in a set from CultBeauty which is fortunately re-stocked. I thinks its a generous size and given how little I need everytime, I’m sure it’ll last a long time!

Chanel Mirage illusion d'ombre Burberry eye liner in jet black

Eye makeup is usually the last thing on my mind in summer because nothing stays put! I have the oiliest eye-lids known to man-kind and stuff creases in a matter of minutes. For work I have been only curling my lashes and tight-lining ONLY my upper waterline with the Burberry Kohl in jet-black. This kohl is super smooth and very black and doesn’t makes my eyes water. This little routine gives me a thick lash-line without the need for mascara and all the smudging that happens through the day! Its not the most long-wearing pencil and does transfer to the lower waterline in a few hours, but I love how it looks, lived-in and smokey and thats good enough for me!

For evenings my go-to has been the Chanel Illusion d’ombre in Mirage. Every summer I come back to this one, and its effortlessly beautifying ways. Another very good purchase from Chanel which I’m milking to this day!

Dior Lip Glow color reviver balm in coral

I am having a hard time with my lips this spring. Allergies and sensitivity galore, I’m avoiding anything except for the most gentle lip balms. Dior’s Lip Glow is an old trustworthy friend and this time its the coral version which I’m in love with. Its slightly redder and a hint more warm than the original and goes very well with all the coral and bronze on my cheeks and eyes! I also love my Rouge Coco Shine in Liberté, another spring-summer staple that lives in my handbag and one that my lips aren’t revolting against.

It feels great to have finally put thoughts down, so expect some more soon!

How’s life? Fill me up!

– Divya


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