My Favorite Zoeva Brushes & How I Use Them

The best Zoeva Brushes how to use zoeva brushes

I recently advanced from level A – spends money only on expensive makeup, to level B -invests in good quality brushes! Its taken me a while and a lot of bad-makeup-days but its been a worthwhile exercise. I am now a brush convert!

For the past month or so I have really been having fun with my makeup which started with the purpose of appreciating what I already have and to make it work for me. The role that brushes have played in this is just mind-blowing! I have eased into it slowly, taken my time to understand how to use my tools properly and have come to really really enjoy the whole process! what has stood out to me is how much I like the Zoeva brushes! I thought I’ll talk you through the ones which I deem to be the top of their class and ones you should own, in case you are looking for new brushes?

A bit of a backstory goes like this: I bought three Zoeva brushes waaayy back and liked them enough that I made a mental note to get more. ‘More’ obviously meant everything and then this set which I found on a discount and snagged it before someone could talk me out of it! Later, I added a couple of more brushes and parted with a few which I didn’t have use for, and now I have just the brushes that I need, love and use!

Personally, I think the Zoeva Eye brushes are much better than their face brushes, atleast for me. As you’ll read through and see for yourself, I use plenty of their eye brushes and have pretty much stopped using anything else. The face brushes, save a couple, have not wowed me much.

The Eye Brushes

Luxe Soft Crease – 221

zoeva 221 luxe soft crease brush chanel illusion d'ombre mirage

I’m starting this essay with my favorite brush at the moment! The 221 crease brush has been sitting in my collection for well over a year and just on a whim – read lack of clean brushes – I decided to use this with Chanel’s Mirage cream eyeshadow. Usually, natural hair brushes such as this one do not work well with cream products but the story here is a tad different. The 221 has a domed head, picks up just the right amount of product and deposits+blends it beautifully! It is denser than the other blending brushes I have which sort of explains why it works so well. I’m sure it’ll work just as well with powders but for now, this + Mirage is my summer eyeshadow sorted!

Crease – 228

Zoeva luxe 228 Crease Brush

Another Crease brush but with a tapered head. This is my all time favorite eye brush EVER. I have used this the most and its just the perfect size, the perfect density and the perfect amount of softness to make blending a dream. I am not an eyeshadow pro so any help is welcome, especially when I try to blend and diffuse color. It works seamlessly with Burberry’s Almond eyeshadow and I can either wear it all over the lid for a grunge look or put it under the cheek bones for a bit of contour. This is the brush for everything!

Luxe Petite Crease – 231 & Defined Crease – 224

Zoeva Luxe 231 petite crease brush and zoeva 224 defined crease brush

The Petite Crease brush was honestly one of the two reasons why I bought that whole set of brushes. I am known to act crazily when it comes to buying makeup, nothing new here! The idea of having a small and stubby crease brush which was more than a pencil brush, really spoke to me. I have always hated pencil brushes because of how super pointy and scratchy they are and pretty much do nothing for me. Hence, the primary use for the 231 is to blend and smudge eye shadows on the lower lashline – a look I wear plenty.

The 224 on the other hand has so far been neglected, up until a couple of weeks ago when I decided to “step out of my comfort zone” and wear more than one color on the eyes! Usually, I end up having a muddy mess on the eyes when I dare mix two colors which happens thanks to my dismissive blending skills. The other day I used this tiny, fluffy, long brush to blend a dark brown eye shadow into my crease and it did exactly as I hoped for! No muddiness just a soft diffused crease. Ummm wow!

Here is a size comparison of all the four brushes

zoeva 221, 228, 231 224 eye brushes

The Face Brushes

Petite Stippling – 122

zoeva 122 petite stippling brush

For most of my adult life I have been a foundation + fingers girl – slapping on foundation like moisturiser all over my face and sometimes shirt. Then I discovered the Real techniques Buffing Brush which, to this day is my go-to when I have gone too far with foundation on my face. However, I have always yearned for a small and effective brush which didn’t take forever to blend foundation on my face and also didn’t waste a lot of the product like the Beauty Blender.

I bought this stippling brush separately, thinking of it as a dupe for a similar MAC brush (188) but with smaller bristles which appeared to me as a better option. I am happy to report that my conjecture has been proven right and I absolutely ADORE this brush! I have been using this with my thicker creamier, By Terry Sheer Expert foundation, mixed with the Burberry Fresh Glow Base and I have a seamless skin like finish in a jiffy! This blends really quickly, despite the small size, and I never have any streaks on the face. I love the shape and the fact that its not too long and floppy. Definitely one of the better face brushes I have used.

And before someone points it out – yes I did have the popular 102 Silk Finish and the corresponding concealer brush but I never found myself reaching for them and they were too dense for my liking. I prefer the 122 Stippling Brush much more!

Luxe Highlight – 105

Zoeva 105 Luxe highlight brush

This is the reason No. 2 why I bought that whole entire set of brushes! I watched about a hundred reviews of the Zoeva brushes to help me pick out the ones to buy and nearly every review had the 105 as a favorite! The bummer in the scenario: this was not sold separately at the time and I had no choice but to buy the set. Classic beauty junkie problems.

This is a perfect powder brush, rounder and denser than the Real techniques Setting Brush which, truth be told, I have never used with powders! I rarely wear powder highlighters, if at all, so this one is exclusively reserved to be used with my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. I can use this brush for under the eyes just as well as all over the face. If you can snag it on its own I’d suggest you get on with it now!

Luxe Cheek – 126

Zoeva 126 luxe cheek brush

The one which gets the most amount of side-eye. I am not a big fan of this one (this post has been written in order of affection) but I use it like a face blender. I have other cheek brushes which I like way more than this one so this doesn’t get used for its prescribed purpose. Instead, I use it after I have done my makeup to blend out any obvious streaks and/or to apply bronzer. What I don’t like about it is that its quite flat and I like my brushes to be round, but the same flat shape works like a charm with bronzers.

I like to bronze in precise areas because I never have the need to bronze my entire face and this brush does the job. Probably the one brush you could skip among all the brushes discussed here if you are not much of a bronzer wearer.

Zoeva brushes aren’t the softest brushes I have used, not even close, but for the price I have not used better! I have a few more of the brushes from the brand which over time I have found less use for. I prefer the ones I wrote about here and I think they round off all my brush needs pretty well!

You can buy Zoeva brushes directly from their website. They ship worldwide.

Do you use Zoeva brushes? What are your favorites?

– Divya 


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