Weekly Details #4

weekly details living room update

I’m back with another weekly recap, which at this point has become just a misnomer for what this series actually is. So far apart that I recap nearly a month worth of news. “Monthly Details” anyone?

Living Room Update

The most exciting thing that happened in May was that I finally have a functional living room with Sofa et al.. all grown up and important! I’ll be honest, I have never had a proper living room as an adult and for most parts a small sofa-cum-bed and a giant book unit was all I had for the guests. Not that I get too many visitors, but whatever we had seemed sufficient and anything else, unnecessary. So what changed? For starters I decided not to live a nomadic life and get serious about the “household”. The new additions have added more lounging options in the house and its perfect for netflix-ing, if you know what I mean!

The walls in the room are all bare and except for the essential pieces of furniture we have nothing else. I have fallen back in a rut and cannot decided what else the room needs. A light or a lamp may be? A few prints and pictures? I’m working on it!

New Buys

Cult beauty haul Aesop resurrection hand cream, becca snapdragon, Aurelia miracle cleanser, Davines natural tech conditioner

I had mentioned in my last Weekly Details that I was on a makeup no-buy till the end of May. Well guess what its June now! The last week of May I ordered a few things off CultBeauty. This included things I had finished, things I wanted in full size, one thing because I gave into the hype and another thing was an impulse buy but a really good one!

That said, unfortunately this wasn’t the only order I placed. Oops! I was better off on a ban because I may or may not have spent a fortune on a limited edition palette and a couple of very exciting new skincare. I am broke for the rest of the month but oh so excited! I think a ban has only led me to be extra greedy by the end of it, which is sad because when I had started off I was actually feeling less interested in things but as soon as the end approached this happened!

Need to invent a better strategy next time!

Retiring Makeup

One good thing that happened when I was on the ban, that I clearly identified my absolute favorite makeup products. I may have spent multiple weekends sorting and sifting through my stash and I ended up creating three piles for “Keep”, “Discard” and “Sell/Giveaway”. Self explanatory, but what is not that obvious is that my “Discard” pile is rather big. I didn’t realise just how much makeup I owned which was past its due date and needed binning! A lot of it is MAC so hello new lipsticks! However, MAC lipsticks wreck my lips.. badly.. so I’m probably going to get the ones I can gift. Sad but true!

I am hoping to put up a Makeup Sale soon with not too many products but really good few items which I’m sure somebody out there might want! So much of my makeup is unused and brand new its unbelievable. I’m a hoarder through and through.

Favorite Summer Food

Coconut milk and palm sugar icecream

I have found my perfect summer dessert/ice cream/food! meet the glorious Coconut-Palm-Sugar Ice-cream which tastes as dreamy as it sounds! I was tired of all the terrible ice cream options we had in our area and decided to re-create a coconut ice cream we loved from Asian-food joint. Its super simple and takes about ten minutes of just throwing everything together, mixing and freezing! I need to experiment with more flavors but for now I think we are good. Two boxes down.. stretchy pants for the win!

I’m thinking of buying a decent-grown-up oven. I love baking but not having a proper oven means I only get to unleash my skills at my Mum’s. I never had a kitchen big enough for both a microwave and a traditional oven but now with a change in my habitat I have a much bigger, brighter more accommodating kitchen and nothing can stop me from owning an oven! If that happens then be prepared to be barraged with kitchen disasters and may be an occasional success? Cannot wait!

I hope you have a really good weekend! I have a few things planned which also includes a much needed hair cut and may be a L’occitane facial? I’ll keep you updated!

– Divya


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