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I have these moments in the week, when I feel really genuinely excited and happy about something and I want to drop everything and just write about it here on the blog. This is that moment!

Books and Trips!


Before I begin rambling, I had a fantastic couple of weeks and its only getting better! I have three trips coming up, one of which is a surprise this weekend so I need to stay mum. Another short one in August and then our annual big trip on 31st August! We are going to Australia this time, which is bizarre because I didn’t think we were going anywhere far this year! It was planned not long ago and we have already made our bookings etc. All my childhood wishlists are going to be fulfilled – The Great Barier Reef! Insert all kinds of happy dancing excited emojis! I am excited to share my packing list this time – clothes, shoes, makeup everything for this 2 weeks holiday, which also includes a road trip from Melbourne to Sydney and a very unpredictable hot-cold weather. Its going to be fun!

This pile of books you see here is my latest loot from Amazon. Last Sunday in a state of morning induced inebriation we ordered not five, not ten but twenty two – 22 – books! The ones in the photo are the first few them to arrive. Our book-wishlist was in dire need of a clearout so we just hit buy! Plenty of reading material for rest of the year, besides it is refreshing for once to have new books over new makeup! Half kidding.

Neutral Makeup In Summer

The balm Desert Bronzer Nars Rikugien Nars Yachiyo Kabuki

These colors might look counter-intuitive to the spirit of summer but I am loving them every bit. Muted, neutral tones have been my makeup-first-love and after playing with corals for a few weeks I didn’t feel at home. Well now I am back in my makeup pyjamas!

The theBalm’s Desert Bronzer takes the prize for the most overlooked bronzer and deserves much more press than it gets! Its a blush-bronzer hybrid like no other – exactly the tones I LOVE. The texture and quality is outstanding! Imagine super soft and pigmented, the powder blends in a swipe and gives a gorgeous sheen. The mauve-tones in this almost have a dual tone effect which looks brown at some angles and more mauve-pink in others. SO PRETTY.

Nars Rikugien swatch Indian skin

Speaking of dual tones – Nars Rikugien Satin Lip Pencil oh dear! I can be so wrong about colors and products, I am amazed I can still call myself a beauty blogger! I never in a million years thought I’d love this pencil which is the only neutral “safe” color in the entire Nars Satin Lip Pencil range. And turns out it is perfect for me!

This is getting Dior’s-Lip-Glow-Level love right now, and I am incapable of wearing anything else on my lips at the moment. It just looks so neutral, so natural, so plumping on my lips and usually camouflages itself to look like my real lips. Win win!

Argan Oil To The Rescue

Fushi Argan Oil Josie Maran Argan Oil dupe

Where do I begin! My scalp is the bane of my existence – causing me more stress than I will ever be capable of coping. Its been dry and flaky yet again and I have failed to put a finger on the reason. Could be the weather or could be my diet but having not had much change in my surroundings I really don’t know what I did to annoy it so much?

Long story short, I think using Pure Argan Oil on my hair has helped tremendously. I had this giant overpriced bottle of Josie Maran’s Argan Oil which was just growing old so I decided to put it to use on my head. It worked, soothed my scalped, hydrated my hair and made it look like a million bucks overnight. As you can imagine I would not repurchase a $100 oil just for my hair so I set myself a challenge to find something cheap and cheerful! I found Fushi Wellbeing, an organic and natural brand with a bevy of beautiful oils in their repertoire.

Their 100% Organic Virgin Argan Oil is as good if not better than its 5 times more expensive contemporary from Ms Maran! Besides, I love the dark-green-tinged glass bottle too. There is no pipette to fiddle with and a nice rubber stopper with a tiny hole ensure that I dispense the right amount of oil every time. I am looking forward to trying more essential oils from the brand given how accessible and affordable it is. You can find it on FeelUnique.

Skincare Stunners!

Aurelia Miracle Cleanser Aurelia Muslin cloth review Caudalie Glycolic Peel review

Just as I had mentioned in this post I finally got myself a tub of the Aurelia Miracle Cleanser and my skin has not been happier! I know I have chopped off your virtual ears praising Oskia’s Renaissance Cleansing Gel, and while I still love it, I think Aurelia has tipped it off the numero uno spot! The creaminess combined with the ease of rinsing it off completely with just water, makes it a dream come true! If you ever disliked Oskia for the annoying film it leaves in the end, then try Aurelia. Its everything you wished any cream/balm cleanser to be!

The other day I was clearing out my stash – like REALLY clearing out – throwing old bronzers, foundations, lipsticks, old serum or mask bottles, and I found this sealed travel size tube of Caudalie’s Glycolic Peel. Glycolic Acid is certainly having a moment am I right? Every brand I turn to is finding excuses to introduce that acid in some form or the other! Anyway, the Detox Mask from the brand is quickly rising to the rank of my No. 1 mask/treatment for blemishes and is a firm TCF favorite, but I have was always dismissed anything else they offer – especially a “PEEL”! However, considering how much I love the Detox Mask I decided to rip the seal and slather this peel on my face and let it do its thing. Here is what you should know:

a) It went on like a cream and tingled my skin a little – little longer than I thought
b) I cleansed it after about twenty minutes and my face felt soft and hydrated and VERY clear
c) The next morning things were looking even more glorious. Had to load up on sunscreen though!
d) I am in LOVE

This is my new favorite mask. I am holding off buying a full size just yet but you bet its in my cart already! Have you tired it?

Enabling a foodie – Chef’s Table

Netflix Chef's Table

I just had to mention this show: All my foodie friends out there are you watching Chef’s Table? Every episode is about a different super chef from different parts of the world – mostly Michelin Star awarded restaurants – and takes us through their philosophy, food, origin, life, vision and of course piles and piles of amazing looking signature dishes! I usually watch it while eating dinner because it can make you eat your weight in food! I am well into the second season now and it has only gotten better which I didn’t think was possible with the first season SO good! The editing is outstanding and the choice of music just ties everything so beautifully! A complete cinematic experience.

Watch it on Netflix!

On a more sombre note, I recently watched the documentary/film – The True Cost, and it made me really re-think my lifestyle and buying choices. Its a heart wrenching real-life account of whats going on in the world and why its imperative for us buyers and consumers of fast fashion to think responsibly and act ethically. I cannot recommend it enough to everybody.

Tell me what you’ve been upto?

– Divya


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