Beauty Routine For Surviving A Scorching Summer Holiday

Summer holiday beauty edit by terry sun designer palette shiseido wet force sunscreen estee lauder advanced night repair estee lauder revitalizing supreme cc cream

Ask anyone here and they’ll agree – India in July is not a good idea! The inspiration for this post comes from my recent battle with unbearable heat and humidity while traveling both down south and up north of the country. This happened twice in the span of two months and I am glad its history! Never again am I underestimating the good’ol Indian summer.

I thought I’ll compile some of my experience and favorites in one post to whoever out there is either braving or planning to survive a similar vacation. Living in a tropical country should have me better prepared for circumstances such as these but I am spoilt by living in that one spot in the country where the weather Gods are forever kind!

Lesson 1 – Skincare Comes First – Protect (SPF) then Repair (Serum)

Summer beauty edit skincare shiseido wet force sunscreen estee lauder revitalizing supreme cc cream nars radiant creamy concelear la roche posay toleriane fluide estee lauder advanced night repair tata harper purifying cleanser

On holiday I am usually tempted to go crazy and skip on everything, including washing my face at night – bad idea! In fact its imperative that you focus on skincare more because a change in environment can definitely disturb that skin equilibrium that we are so used to. Two things – Spf and Serum.

Choosing the right Spf I have found is the be all of suncare because if I hate my sunscreen, chances are I am never going to want to wear it let alone reapply. Every year I go through atleast three or four new sunscreens in my quest to find “the one” (This gets reset every summer seriously!) and this summer has been no exception.

I am kind of settled on the Shiseido UV Protector SPF 50+++ this year because it is better suited for extreme humidity. I like it more than my previous favorite, Radical Skin Perfecting Tint because it feels even more lightweight, more matte and less shiny than Radical. With all that sweating I want as little additional shine as possible which the Shiseido sunscreen ensures. Also, the SPF 50 PA+++ works better with the Indian sun and I am at a lower risk of adding more spots on my cheeks. Not to mention how much more easily available this is compared to Radical. So far so good!

For serum, I always ALWAYS travel with my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. A tiny bottle permanently lives in my travel kit and I don’t even have to remember to pack it. This is the perfect all weather serum because it works with dehydration which is the first and foremost problem traveling causes. Texture is light and not greasy and for very humid nights – when oils are a distant memory and moisturisers make me wash my face all over again – I can just wear this on its own and go to sleep in peace!

I stick to my usual cleansers, except keep a safe distance from any thing rich and balmy, and make sure I wash my face properly to remove every little trace of sunscreen. The Tata Harper Purifying and Refreshing Cleanser or any clay based and non foaming gel cleanser works. I always carry a vial of my Shu Uemura Cleansing oil makeup remover because no sunscreen has ever survived that one!

Lesson 2 – Wear as Little Makeup as You Can Get Away With

Summer beauty edit skincare shiseido wet force sunscreen estee lauder revitalizing supreme cc cream nars radiant creamy concelear la roche posay toleriane fluide

Now this is the tricky part. Its 35 degrees+ outside and 100% humidity – my soul is torn between wearing or not wearing makeup! I usually don’t because I hate seeing it all come off in no time on tissues and towels. Also, over the years I have realised that its more important to feel pretty and comfy on holiday than to look it. Who cares what I look like right?

The Estee Lauder Revitalizing CC Cream is a two in one, very hydrating borderline moisturiser and has a bronze-glow tint which is perfect for holidays. On most mornings recently, I have been wearing this CC cream on bare skin and applying my SPF on top. Then I go over with concealer if I am desperate to look PERFECT. There are some days you know?

If its too greasy a day for for EL, I wear my favorite summertime moisturiser – LRP Toleriane Fluide – which has no SPF so works for both day and night. LRP + SPF + Concealer (waterproof if possible) and face done!

Lesson 3 – Go Waterproof or Go just bare!

Summer holiday makeup by terry sun designer palette Nars Cruella Nars Rikugien Anastasia Brow whiz Benefit Gimme Brow

My By Terry Sun Designer Palette is hands down the most expensive “makeup investment” I have made but I am glad to report its getting used to its bones! It basically has any and every color I will ever put on my cheeks and eyes. The powders are pigmented and soft and very easy to blend, not to mention it stays put the whole entire day! I lightly swirl my brush in the bronzers and then tap on the blush section and straight on the cheeks. The bronze colors also make the perfect neutral brown for the eyes and if and when I am in the mood I know I have that option!

I cannot wait to see what next Spring Summer has in store from BT!

There is clearly a By Terry theme here because the brand has the best kind of long-wearing products I have ever come across. The Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadows for instance – DO NOT BUDGE. No matter how greasy an eye lid it stays the same till the end of the day.

I am deeply in love with my Nars lip pencils and cannot wait to buy hundreds of them! In fact, I have actually been wearing Cruella – a true deep red – and of course I love it. I mean it is my perfect red after all! The two that I have Rikugien and Cruella are very long wearing besides fading gracefully unlike a lot of other formulas. Rikugien being so close to my natural lip color can pretty much do its thing and I will have no complains!

When luggage real estate allows, I make sure I pack a mist – any mist, Rose or just plain thermal water. This is truly more than just faff and has helped me sooth my all-day-sun-burnt skin on more occasions than I can count. Even better if it has SPF.

Also, a lip balm or lip color with SPF is so much better than one without because sore lips have recently been a big pain and I am inclined to blame the soaring temperature and sunlight for it! Please don’t carry anything creamy. It just becomes goo. RIP Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments.

What have you been upto this Summer? Any tips for surviving the heat?

– Divya


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