Five New (To Me) Products I’m Loving

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Fellow beauty lovers! Its been a while since I showed up here and instead of boring you with some long story about how busy I was and how little I thought about the blog (which is not true!) I thought I’d rather fix you up with short stories about some new things I have acquired and loving. Good idea?

A few random instagram shots aside, I haven’t really had a chance to tell you about my recent acquisitions. That, without sounding like a crazy person who spent an absurd amount of money on new makeup and skincare. Clearly, I am incapable of keeping the excitement to myself!

Kypris Antioxidant Dew Serum

Kypris’ Antioxidant Dew – This has filled up the “morning serum hole” in my skincare routine. When I received an email from Cultbeauty warning me about Kypris being sold on their website, I dropped everything and ordered both the Dew and the Moonlight Catalyst. Its a long story for another time about how it arrived at my doorstep after two stressful months with a more stress inducing fat customs duty stamp on it. Lets not get into that.

Kypris Anitoxidant dew serum review

Anyway, the serum is.. ummm – for lack of a better word – milky, (see for yourself in the picture) and absorbs immediately. Kypris is an all natural, extremely high-end skincare brand so the ingredients are all top notch and I know that I’m getting what I paid for. The Antioxidant Dew sounded like the best thing for me to try since everything else in the range is just inexplicably expensive (£175 for a 50ml oil anyone?). I wear it religiously in the morning and sometimes at night when I am not thinking much about “repair and protect” and more about “oh my god its so humid!”.

My skincare routine is the next post in the queue where I go into details about it.

Tom Ford Platinum cream color for eyes

Tom ford Cream Color for Eyes in Platinum – Pavithra sent me a BIG fat package of beauty stuff from the US recently with her mum and among other things (which we shall go through in several posts) were the Tom Ford Cream Color Eyes in Platinum and Spice. Now I am sure if you have have come across Pavithra’s super convincing post on why everyone needs Tom Ford’s Spice in their lives, you are not new to this enabling. It happens to be the most read post on the blog this year. For good reason.

I decided that I’d get both Spice and Platinum and I have to say Platinum is more up my street. Think Chanel’s Mirage Illusion d’ombre but less glittery and more pigmented. On the first day of wear it didn’t last very long on my lids which was disappointing but it turned out I had too much greasiness that day and should have powdered my eyelids. I still think the By Terry Ombre Blackstar eyeshadows win in terms of longevity, but I need to wear Platinum more to really compare. Lets be fair!

Hourglass Luminous Light Palette Hourglass Luminous Bronze Light bronzer Hourglass Luminous Flush Blush

Hourglass Luminous Light Palette – I am a crazy Hourglass fan girl and secretly wish to own everything the brand makes one day! I have a fair few of their blushes and powders but somehow hadn’t laid hands on the bronzers or anything from the “Luminous” range. Turns out Nordstrom managed to convince Hourglass to make a palette exclusively for them with all three products from the Luminous range – Luminous Ambient Lighting Powder, Luminous Flush blush and Luminous Bronze Light bronzer. Dream.Come.True!

Luckily for everyone, all three products are part of the permanent line and and I have already made up my mind to get the bronzer and blush in full size if I ever happen to go through this palette – which is possible trust me! They are gorgeous colors on my skintone and I especially love the blush. Soft rosy pink which is perfect for my skintone.

Dior Rouge Balm Lily Diorette

Dior Rouge Baume in Lily and Diorette – These lipsticks are old news but I am only now getting involved with them. Such a beautiful product and it has managed to take over the top spot from the Dior Lip Glow! I have a more day-time work appropriate Lily (shown above) and a recent acquisition holiday-approved Diorette – a bright fuchsia pink! These are very nicely pigmented and stay on pretty well. The small purse friendly packaging and a formula that does not melt in my handbag – its going to be a stretch to think of cons. Just get these already!

Wayne Goss Brushes 13, 02 and Air Brush

Wayne Goss Brushes, 13, 02, and Air Brush – These are addictive brushes. If you have one you want them all. That about sums it up for my current state of mind. I bought six of these recently including the limited edition Air Brush and WOW! “Softest thing ever” doesn’t even begin to describe just how good these are and if we keep that adjective aside and not let it cloud our judgement I still think these brushes are bloody amazing! An investment for sure but I don’t think I can even look at anything else anymore.

I am currently using the face brushes that I bought while the eye brushes are still not broken in. I know I will review them in detail at some point so I’ll save the ramble for that.

Here are some swatches of the two lipsticks and Platinum:

Dior Rouge Baume Lily and Diorette, Tom Ford Platinum
Left to Right: Lily, Diorette and Platinum

What have you been loving lately?

I’ll see you on Sunday with a brand new post!

– Divya


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15 thoughts on “Five New (To Me) Products I’m Loving

  1. So many beautiful things – where to start! That Kypris serum looks incredible. I’d love to try some of their range but unfortunately my budget doesn’t really allow for that at the moment. I’ve heard nothing but good things though, and I’m glad to hear you’re loving what you’ve tried as well. That’s such a shame it took so long to get to you though! But I suppose the wait was worth it in the end.

    That Tom Ford cream shadow looks beautiful too! I’ve heard a lot about that shade, actually. I don’t think it’s a must-purchase for me as I’ve hardly been using my cream shadows and have just recently started picking them up again, but I think I just need to focus on what I’ve got rather than buying anything extra.

    I’ve got two of the Hourglass blushes but am yet to own any of their palettes, mostly because I don’t wear bronzers and because I feel like their regular ambient lighting powders won’t really help much with my oily skin, but it doesn’t stop me from irrationally lusting after them anyway, because they just have the most beautiful packaging of all time!

    1. Haha! Yes I am definitely loving the Antioxidant Dew and while I have only used the Moonlight Catalyst once I wasn’t exactly wowed! Need to use it consistently I reckon to really tell right?
      Oh Hourglass can do no wrong in my head! I have dry combination skin so that might indicate why I love their powders so much! The blushes are all so gorgeous, and no amount of swatching on the arm can justify how pretty they are. Unless you wear them on the cheeks you cant really imagine the sorcery Hourglass does and transforms into something magical on the cheeks (oh the drama!)

  2. have read/heard sooo much about the hourglass palettes! this one looks lovely. that tom ford eyeshadow is a whole new level of gorgeous *heart eyes* i didnt know wayne goss had his own range of brushes! have you used the real techniques? curious as to how these compare.

    Aditi |

    1. Oh I wasn’t aware of his brush line and the fact that they are SO good until recently. I have a number of Real Technique brushes and the most important difference between the two brands is that RT is synthetic while Wayne’s brushes are made of responsibly sourced natural hair.
      This also means that there is a huge difference in the price points of both. While RT is budget, Wayne Goss is up there in the high end category – more expensive than MAC I believe. That said I wouldn’t compare the two in quality, feel and results. I think both have a place in my makeup application and I will continue to use them both based on the purpose.

  3. I love my Hourglass blushes! They’re so soft and pretty. I should use the finishing powders more often but I rarely, if ever, powder my face. I definitely want to try their bronzer! I’m loving a softly bronzed look lately. Great haul!

  4. Whoa! That is seriously some good stuff. I’ve been barely restraining myself from not getting hold of anything from Kypris. I’ve been hemming n hawing for months now. But I’ve decided I’ve got to finish off a few of the oils in my stash before I get something. Seriously how does anything get over before you withhold the urge to get something new!
    The TF looks so much like the Chanel Illusion ones. But I’ve never been able to apply a single eye-shadow properly to my lids yet. Still practising!

    1. Hey Bhuvana! I can imagine the crisis lol! Wait it out don’t change your routine if its working is what I’d say. I finished up a lot of skincare before opening the Kypris ones and I mostly use it as an additional step in the morning since I never used a serum before in day time.

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