Hello World

Starting this post with anything profound would be a bit of stretch for the nearly defunct writer in me so I’ll go slow and be gentle and just try to make sense of everything in words. I have been away from this blog for well over a year and the last time I checked in I was about to go on a trip to Australia (which was great!), planning/thinking of going back to school, was generally happy, and life was looking good.

Fast forward 18 months and a lot has changed.

I live in London now. I am back at school and while not exactly loving it (the course is H.A.R.D) but doing well enough. My family has been through the worst tragedy an unprepared, unbelievably happy and content group of people, who were struck by lightening could go through and somehow we have learnt to carry on in the aftermath. I am still not in a place emotionally to talk about it at length and tell you what happened and answer the hows and whys, but almost a year has gone by since I lost my dad and I am slowly – very slowly – coming to terms with it.

Like all good families, mine has stuck together, supported and carried each other out of our share of adversity and while it will never be the same again – we will never be the same again – we have each other.

I hope all of you have been okay? I have to thank you for sticking around while I had abandoned this place. A lot of you have been reaching out to me, checking on me and been there for me and that has meant the world! I started this blog nearly 4 years ago and although I haven’t really made a difference to the blogging community at large I still feel like a tiny, silent part of it and that brings me a lot of happiness.

I want you to know that I am happy. I am well and I am ready to talk about everything thats good and sometimes not so good around me and share it with you. I have always tried to keep this blog a not-so-serious account of things that catch my eye, make me happy and I spend money on and I want to keep it that way.

Speaking of which, I have a new found love obsession with candles and that has turned me into a candle-hoarding-monster with zero self-control and endless love for Overose! What can I say, some people like shoes and I like candles…

I am nearing the end of my study terms here and have exams in a couple of months, so not the best time to start blogging again, but I feel like I can squeeze in a few (read 2) posts a month without failing a paper so lets see where this goes!

I have a good’ol beauty round-up from last year coming up this week which should be a fun read for – I hope – some of you?

I hope you still read blogs, and/or still like beauty products because I sure do!

See you soon.

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